Poker Screen to The Front

There is nothing more annoying than registering for a tournament and when the tournament starts it doesn’t bring the screen to the front.

I enter a tournament 30-45 minutes before it starts to help get it going and sometimes get busy doing other things, then by the time, I think of the tournament I find I’ve been on sit out and blinded down.

Yep I’ll take the blame for being busy but with every other poker software out there, if you aren’t on the screen it will come to the front when it’s your turn unless you shut that feature off.

Note this setting in Game Play setting does not work as it doesn’t come to the front. What good is this setting if it won’t function like it should?


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Thanks for the feedback and we’ll be taking a look into this now. We’ll provide updates below as they arrive…

Still an issue.

Any updates?

Hey @freaksforum we’ve got some word back on this now, but can you clarify do you always use either the web browser or poker client and is this happening on both?

Client version. Thanks Ryan

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@freaksforum The technical team has asked if there’s any screenshots or videos that would be possible to provide of the error, specifically any time a new game isn’t popping up, as apparently this isn’t intended behavior. They’ve stated they can’t seem to replicate if you can show this in action.


Just an update on this as the Poker Team has responded to our escalation but the fix isn’t on their immediate update list.

The Poker Team has advised that in the meantime there is a sound feature that can be turned on ‘Multi Table sound setting’ that will provide a sound alarm. That being said we understand this isn’t necessarily the same as pop to front tabling.