Politics Bet Confirmation

Hi - can you confirm that if the Dems keep 50 Senators after midterm, that this constitutes “control”. I know it does in the real world, but just want to confirm for the bet. Thanks.

Control should work according to the way it works in the real election.

Ok, thank you. One other question: Senate Race With Smallest Margin Between 1st & 2nd Place. For Georgia is that the results from tonight’s vote or the potential run-off?

We’ll escalate this and try to have more details shortly.

Thanks Ryan!

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Smallest Margin will include any run offs and not only the result for tonight’s vote.

Ok thank you for clarification.

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Hey Ryan I’m not seeing odds for North Carolina’s senate race… are those available?

I see it here. You may have been looking at Govenors’ races. https://www.bovada.lv/sports/politics/us-politics/us-midterm-elections-2022/senate-races-35-markets-202211082355

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Thank you!!!

When will you all be grading election winners? Once they are called? Or something else

Likely when the results are determined or there is no doubt as to the result. For some bets this may be quicker than others obviously depending on votes.