Possible Friends list?

Just curious, have you guys thought about implementing some type of friends list or something like that?
I find that sometimes I’m messing the same people but having to scan through old messages to find the particular person.
just a thought, let me know what you think :+1: :v:


This is definitely something we can consider looking at and will take this feedback into consideration.

We’ll bring it up to our team and see if it’s something that can be implemented. Updates will be provided below.


Any progress with this? After talking with some other community members, it seems this idea is taken over pretty well with everyone. For one thing, this would improve the voucher trading system.


A great idea. I think a lot of us have developed a friendship here with others. Of course, all of that disappears at the poker table, but it seems like most of the community members aren’t poker players so there shouldn’t be many issues.


i think a great idea would be that you could save people that you have had good transactions with, as friends. That way if in need of buying or selling, you may be able to directly to that person on a friends list. Unless there is soemthing like this already and i havent figured it out yet! Just an idea

This is something that has been brought up before and is definitely an interesting idea, however, I am unsure if we’re able to implement it.

As it’s clearly been a while since this was escalated we’ll take a look into it again and try to have a clear answer within the next few weeks.

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