Post-maintenance slots?

Anyone try slots yet after maintenance? I want to deposit but last time this happened I literally had about 20% return for a week

The maintenance had nothing to do with the slots or RTP.

Sadly I was right again. 59% return in 150+ spins. Balance to $0

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Must’ve turned off bonuses for reels and wheels too. Over 1,000 spins since my last free spins or wheel. Pathetic


Facts lmao. Reels and Wheels is a scam now


thing that was because of me, made 75k+ YTD


Lol you are absolutely killing it man! Keep it going. I am glad to see someone winning amounts like you are.

Must be nice, share

No shit, damn romster let others eat :rofl::sweat_smile:

Finally free spins on reels and it paid $.75 on a $1 spin LOL you sure it was affected Paul?

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Lmao, I’ve been getting 7 to 15 bucks on 2/5 bets, BS

Obviously we play these games alot it’s easy to tell when they turn the bonuses off that’s when you just gotta stop. Reels 100% turned their bonuses off.

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It’s crazy. Over 750 spins today on different slots, 43% return and 0 free spins. It’s a joke

I play here on Bovada everyday and I’ve never seen it this bad ever since maintenance…

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Facts, seems like everyone has the same experience, but… You know its all random and fair and stuff

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Exceptionally terrible since maintenance. Losing more than I ever have at slots and I’m spinning more than most of you.

It isn’t “random” at all, so all of you who say that are sheep.

It’s obvious they are re-cooping. Plus they don’t have to payout anything for that YTD until Dec. 31st if they wanted to.

Best solution is to just not play right now.

Romsters begs to differ

Anyone getting kicked off games constantly? Especially if it’s playing lol.

It’s not just post maintenance slots…. It’s post maintenance everything. I constantly have to reload the page past several days for slots/ poker.

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Romsters probably the one over seeing the casino. He over there like time to play after we lose all our money. 100$ 100$ boom!! Just kidding good for you man kinda lol. Where all these big hotdrop jackpots they should be all over this site not just a couple hour ones.