Post your Bracket 2023!

Hey everyone!

The Million Madness Bracket is here and free to enter. Simply fill out your bracket predictions for the 2023 March Madness tournament and you’re in for the chance of winning:

• $100,000 in crypto for the highest scoring bracket.

• $1,000 in crypto for the lowest scoring bracket.

As we’ve done in the past for the community, post your filled-out bracket below and we’ll enter you into a random prize draw for $100!


  • Accounts must have made at least 1 deposit
  • Only one entry accepted per player
  • A winner will be chosen on Friday, March 24th

The link to the brackets does not load….

I cannot get this to load either.

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“The user with the most points after the National Championship game will win $100,000 in their account”

Why advertise this as a crypto giveaway?


Not loading

Doesnt even work

What if you guys access it through this link ?

We want to encourage the winners and players, in general, to use Crypto as much as possible, but the winnings will be credited to your account and you can cash them out as you wish, but we strongly recommend Crypto!


has anyone not been able to make their picks? or is it just loading your completed bracket that’s causing an issue?

Doesnt work on either link

I was able to make my picks the other day but youre gonna have very few people with brackets because the link hasnt worked for most of the past week

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I made my picks yesterday. The link worked then. I was just trying to find my bracket to post a screenshot to be in this $100 contest. How do we access our bracket if we completed it? There was no confirmation email after it was done.

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Hoping to win the lowest scoring bracket contest!!

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If you want to have no chance after the Thurs.,Fri games this bracket is for you!!

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Yea I can’t even get to the bracket to fill it out

It loaded once

Tried to fill it out

Keeps logging me in over and over

Yep. There was a small window where it worked but unfortunately it has not worked for majority of the time it has been up so i doubt many will participate here

Hopefully they fix in next couple hrs

I got to my bracket but there is no possible way on iPhone to zoom out and take a screen shot to post. This is ridiculous.

No, don’t have a PC…

If you log out and then log in and go to the bracket it should work. It does that flashing login screen when you have been logged in for a long time before you try to enter.

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It’s true!

how do you screenshot this thing? i went on PC and also have a new samsung galaxy phone and the bracket is zoomed in so far that im not sure how to do it.

Best I can do with screenshotting it…

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