Posting for a friend who's account was disabled arbitrarily

Hello, on Saturday of last week, I received an extra $75.00 for the refer a friend bonus that I did not even anticipate receiving, but tapered my enthusiasm when i saw the playthrough, ugh.
But, i had nothing else to do and did manage to play through that bonus, ending up with about 450 dollars or so when the playthrough had been used up.

Well, despite my mind telling me to cashout right away, i decided to play some more, reaching over 700 dollars before i finally decided to do a withdraw.

Thats when my account was disabled without any reason given. Each day since i have tried to login, only given the message that my account was disabled and that i should contact customer service, which i have each day since, often taking several hours just to tell me me nothing. The first week i was told itd be 24 to 48 hours, which that timeframe expired 3 times before now, they tell me there is no timeframe to the investigation. I’ve provided plenty opportunity to ask me anything they wish, no questions have been asked. Im told to patiently await an email that never arrives.

Possible issues, I can think of only one. The person i referred to the website wrote their email address in wrong originally, however they changed that since discovering the error.

Im hoping through this post that i will receive some explanation, and if it doesnt help me, hopefully it will help others that are contemplating opening an account on Bovada.LV.

Thank you,


Don would like me to add that not only was her account temporarily disabled, but her community account was disabled. I suppose the reasoning for that can be left up to the readers to decide, if theyre allowed to read this.


Your friend would need to reach out to CS via chat or email with any inquiry.

Sadly, we are not able to discuss third party’s account details with you.