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Quick suggestion…is there a way to add a tab that had the scores of all the games you are currently betting on?

Instead of having to search to check all the different scored it would be awesome to have a tab I could click and have all the games I’m currently wagering on all in one place



We can have a look into this. I’m not too sure about the amount of detail that would have to go into such a change but we will forward the suggestion

That would be great. Would make it so much easier to keep track of things. Especially for people with alot of parlays.

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Isn’t this already under the “Transactions - Sports - Placed” area?

I think this is more of a tab in the live betting where you can click ‘my games’ for example and only the games in which you have wagers on already will appear.

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Ohhhhhh and here I thought I found a already made solution. I tried anyways. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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That would be correct.

Man, that would be an amazing feature.

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Glad to know I’m not the only one lol

I suggested something very similar to this back in April: https://community.bovada.lv/t/easily-view-live-scores-of-open-sports-bets/302431/3

It is now in the “dismissed” category with no explanation given, so even though I’m on board and there seems to be a lot of support, there’s your answer I would say :slightly_frowning_face: