Question for the jackpot winners?

Congratulations to those that were lucky enough to win one. My question is, when you won your jackpot, did you play the same slot game all day or did you change up when the slot game was going cold. I tend to do the later. When a slot game goes cold, I usually change the game that I’m playing, but it is not working for me because I’ve never hit a jackpot. I wonder if I played the same slot game, would my odds change? I know it is all luck, but any tips would help.

I had to stop trying to hit jackpot before it finally hit. Now, I do the same thing as you play while it is hot and if it goes cold move on to a different game. Random jackpots are truly random, there is no rhyme or reasoning that makes sense on when it pays out. Usually I’m just clicking through the animation and then the alert of a jackpot goes off before I know what happened.

I have not hit any 6 figure jackpots, but for me, it didn’t start coming until I stopped caring about it and ignored the jackpot exists

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The more I kept winning on the same game I kept increasing my bet and when I got up to $80 a spin I hit $24,000. Hope this helps! Goodluck to you!

Thanks for letting us know of your experiences guys.

Why are they so back up in the jp winners tho, that’s why I want to know? Where’s the Dec-Jan winners at???

Does the amount of bet you are placing is mattered or not?
I am just trying with 20 cents

Most definitely, they will never admit it here but there are casinos that literally say your chances of hitting jackpots are increased when wagering over $1, I’ve got most often wagering at least $5 and putting in at least an hour straight. Just my experience.

I just hit the Mini jackpot in Reels and Wheels XL for $700+ betting $2 a spin. First time this has ever happened to me at a $2 bet.
In practice mode, i hit the Minor, Mini, Major and even Mega but was doing $10 to $40 a spin