Random Rewards Drop Rollover

The rollover/playthrough kind of doesn’t really make the random points drop very realistically cashable. For example, I got 200 bucks today and even hit a 1200 win on keno but was back to zero well before the playthrough. A ‘reward’ shouldn’t have such unrealistic fine print IMO. Any chance of lowering that?


You do know that playthrough for sports is only 2x. So if you received $200 worth of rewards points, and won $1200 in keno, you only have to risk about $400 in sports to make it withdrawable which means you’ll be guaranteed $800 ahead and withdrawable. Why is this not reasonable?


I’m a Detroit homer, I can’t sports bet :rofl:

Hehe well when it comes to money and betting, you cant let your emotions dictate where the money goes. Just bet on 2 random games for $200 and who knows…you might get lucky or might not but at least youll have a minimum of $800 you can withdraw and maybe more. Thats what I would do if I was in your situation.