Re-entry MTTs show wrong current position

An issue that has been happening since re-entry tournaments were introduced on this site is that the current position incorrectly shows the position that a player was knocked out in on their first entry and never changes after re-entering. You can see this on the tournament table in the top right where it lists my current position as 52nd of 36. On my first entry I got knocked out in 52nd place which you can see when looking at the tournament lobby. In the top right of the tournament lobby it does list my current position correctly as being in 34th place but the tournament table itself never updates to show the correct position after re-entering.

Did the mods address this via PM? Or have they ignored you for 18hrs

@GamblingMan1 @joelomat This has actually been brought to the attention of our team and once we have an update on this we’ll circle back here.

This was brought up by me back in March.

@Louis_Bovada @Matty_Bovada 8 months later and this software bug hasn’t been fixed. Unfortunately it seems like fixing software bugs really isn’t a priority for Bovada. If it is a priority then Bovada just doesn’t have a poker team competent enough to do it.

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Yeah I second or third that. Lol.
Also being completely logged off during MTTs, jackpot sitngos and cash games right in the middle of hands has happened to me way more the last few days than I have ever experienced. Its very frustrating when you wait sometimes for hours for a decent hand only to be logged out of the site all together as soon as you put your chips in.

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We’ll follow up with the team responsible during the coming week to see if there’s any progress. From my understanding there are several things that are being worked on, and this might just be lower down on their list of priorities.

Please carry on any discussions on the original topic.

Note that this has recently been addressed, please let us know if anyone still notices that re-entry positions are wrong going forward.