Reels &wheels- free spins

Been having just a brutal time getting into bonuses. And then when I get in I’m only winning 4x my normal bet in the free spins game. Have never seen consistently low returns in the bonuses. Just started recently.

Anyone else seeing this?


they nerfed the ■■■■ out of it. The site is going to shit so they are just farming peoples money. Its obvious as ■■■■

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Legit just stop playing. Theyre farming money while they still can. Its all ■■■■ing rigged dude

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I had a little bonus with rollover and lost it because the amount was ridiculously small even though I’ve spent over a thousand with these guys and barley won anything. Then used my last $25 (wasn’t even mine) spot me bonus through my bank hoping that I could maybe do something because now my account is -25 and it’s coming straight out my check lol. anyway I hit 40 on reels and I got excited so I spun some more and I hit all the way up to 115 I’m pretty sure was my highest I was so happy. Until… Go to withdraw still have rollover requirements and it’s saying forfeit bonus and like 12% complete or something but before that I couldn’t cancel and my bonus just disappeared when I was broke before I made the second deposit of the $25 what a joke :sleeping:

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I can’t deny. I think the guy above me is not wrong . Casino Is tight and there’s nothing you can do about that. They can control that. I’d stay away. Especially the popular games like that


its all rigged dude. stealing peoples money before they shut down lmao


Even on a rigged platform you can still win once in a while. Like in the 5%-10%.

I won like 400$ on mythic wolf spinning $12.50 the other nite on free spins and I consistently lose on here lol


Lmao at the last post :joy: legit on the floor laughing at the first sentence.

I appreciate the honesty

Sure seems that way!

Just keeping it real man!

I totally agree… this time last year I was getting massive payouts from in game spins, but over the past year I haven’t hit anything higher than ~$50 and that’s after I’d deposited several hundred dollars each time without waking away with anything at all. Very concerned the payouts are a fraction of what they used to be, especially since the price of most cryptos have plummeted the past 5-6 months

I believe so. But at least at this point you know what you’re getting if you dare enter into that casino. I now mostly do sports if I deposit.

Agreed. I’m at that point where I know I’ll never win any big pots in casino, regardless of the game or variety of games I play. I’d much rather make a couple of $10-$15 x 5-team parlays in sports betting and will most likely have much better odds of hitting that bet than those damn slot machines haha

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Yeah I would think it’s a bad move on there part! Like let us win…chances are we’re going to give it back anyways…like normal legitimate casinos but there not letting me win NOTHING. Foolishly continued to deposit but now I’m bust. Literally can’t afford to play anymore so :man_shrugging:

Nice that we are all seeing the same thing. Felts like weeks ago getting to FREE SPINS would yield 50x-100x wins

Now its 4x-5x wins.

Ridiculous and suspicious

It’s the rigid consistency. No random wins or decent bonus spins, just consistent miss and then line hit for 5x-10x bet and then if you run through enough spins get the bonus which will yield you a whopping 20x bet if your lucky…I had a bonus the other day and it paid 1.40 on $2 spin :thinking:

Been seeing the same.

Played a bunch of $10 spins and was getting $40 or $50 bucks on free spins and $60 on the wheel.

Just got beat up by bovada

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Same dude same

I got 2000 dollers in my match pay and know one will put my damn money back on my account

Same here . If I can even deposit. Most of the time none of the buttons work to do anything on the site. It’s aggravating and it feels like all the money I’ve lost (mainly my fault for not cashing out when I was up ) and I haven’t had a fair shot to try to get some of it back. Almost feels like they are shutting down and I can’t even get a chance. When I did get through after spending a big percentage of my deposit and bonus I finally get some free spins and they pay very little. That’s been happening to me for quite awhile even before this mess happened. Please do something bc I can’t even hardly log in bc it keeps kicking me out. It would be nice to come home from work and be able to sit back and enjoy some slots and poker and maybe even win a little something for once. It’s heartbreaking when you spin for 30 45 minutes or more and don’t hit the bonus or free spins and when you do your feelings get shattered when you win 3 or 4 dollars when you bet 1 , 2, or 5 or more after it took so long and so much money just to get a free spin. Please let us know what’s going on and try to understand how some of us feel. Thanks and have a great day.