Refund casino losses

or give some type of cash back for all the casino losses

especially live casino

constantly lose with the ball always bouncing one off my section 40-50 times in a row after sitting in my number for seconds.

This needs to be addressed and who the live casino and you guys are lincenced by.

Please let us know.

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Cashback is something that was in place previously, but after much discussion was removed and added as part of the crypto exclusive program for certain players.

Yea but u used to give reward points and free spins. Since you took that away I opted out. Bovada sucks at five reward to long memebers. And jack pot sit and go is rigged. Don’t play it guys

Reward points and spins are still available for some players. The program was changed for some.

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it changed bigtime

The bitcoin bonus went from 5x sports to 30 x sports

and the rollover from live casino is null

So its a double whammy for person betting sports or live casino

not only is live casino a joke

now not even worth to take in sports at 30 times rollover

WHY make bonuses worse at a time like this

YOU should be able to be trying to keep players

INstead the complete opposite and live casino has no basis of legitamicy to go with it as not governed by anyone

and bovada as a whole not LINCENSED by anyone correct…

so at anytime you guys could just close shop and money gone…

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You can read about licensing at section 8 here

This place has turned into a “ _HIT SHOW”

Once my favorite place to play now one of the worse.

Bring back everything that’s been taken away!


That talks nothing about lincenses or how you guys are regulated.

The live casino is not fair. Who regulates you or them.

Please provide name of the commission in charge

Of course zero reply

This live casino needs to be investigated

The number of times the ball falls one number out of my 7 number section is unf in real. Its a fin disgrace.

Who is the live casino govererned by.

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75 straight f in rolls

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Don’t get me wrong, in a way I understand what you’re say. But you post ALOT, complaining about one thing or another. Is all you ever do on here is lose or do you just not choose to talk about those times you win? 75x’s in a row seems like you should’ve hung it up a time or two before maybe? Idk maybe I’m not so much of a skeptic? But with the amount you’re on here upset about one thing or another, how come you haven’t moved on? Tried to find somewhere that accommodates you? At some point you have to actually do something yourself to change a situation you find shitty. :man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3:


Have video propf of a roll inwhich i bet huge money on 6 and 32. The ball lands in 6. Sits for 2 seconds and then all of sudden pops out to 27 right next to it

100 to win 3600.

The most scandalous bs ive ever seen. And these mods act like thats a legit roll. It happens all the time. No it f in doesnt.

Its f in bs.

Rigged magnet bssssszs.

About to go f in bazerk

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host the video and post a link

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How about that? A Loss Prevention Program lol
Maybe 50% of lifetime losses once a month :man_shrugging:
… Undoubtedly an impossible request …

This is interesting cause I haven’t seen any kick back from any crypto deposits/losses I’ve made in a few months now

the rebate are not good

especially when live casino and slots seem real bad right now

never seen so much bs