Removal of Certain Slot Games September 27, 2021

Hey everyone,

Just here to report that we’ll be temporarily removing some games from our Casino section shortly in order to perform some maintenance. List of Games included below:

Sugar Smash
Leprechaun Legends
Dragon scroll
World cup
Tiger temple
Fortune turtle
Year of the dog
Lion’s fortune
Caishen fortune
Riches in the rough
Lion dance festival

We don’t have a specific timeline for when they’ll return but will provide updates as they arrive. Please let us know if you see any other games missing or have any questions.


why are there a bunch of games on that list that are not in my casino options?

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As per the post.

no i mean i never had them as an option to play…fortune turtle…riches in the rough…i understood your post

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Understood, apologies as I misunderstood what you were asking. It would be hard at the moment to look into this before the games are put back up, but some of these games need to actually be searched in order to be seen as not all games are promoted on the main page. When the games are back up I would advise checking to see if you can find these by searching for them, and if not let us know.

ok i will definitly try searching…im always on and playing and was just surprised by a couple of the names. thank you for the apology as well. im not gonna lie …i was sitting here thinking to myself does this guy think im a complete moron and posted to a thread saying there was games being reomved and i was the first one posting “where are those games”…apology accepted…you mods are the best

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Is Orion back up yet?

Cool, new games kept glitching over the weekend everytime I played them anyway.

I’ve noticed that when I login to the casino using Chrome on my Android phone, I have several slots available, that do not show up when using Chrome on my Windows desktop. Has been this way for a few months now. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

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This has been discussed previously and the list of games that are available on each are provided HERE. Note that this might not include all recent games since July, but there are games that are only available on mobile and vice versa.

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