Remove Live Scoreboard from Live Betting

With the errors the live scoreboard incurs and the issues that follow with it, I am suggesting that Bovada remove the live scoreboard altogether from the live odds.

If that is something that Bovada doesn’t want to do, then I would suggest getting a new more reliable scoreboard operator because the current one is not worth it’s salt at all.

The malfunctions, the wrong time left in a game, the wrong scores has caused bettors to make bets based on information that has been erroneous.

While I understand the rules of live betting and even quoted it today to a player in a post, in good faith there should be something done to rectify the situation.

The scoreboard issues keep coming up and red flags should’ve been raised long ago regarding this issue.

Well bring this up at our meeting next year…well get back to you the following year


Hi @freaksforum,

We appreciate the feedback and do see your point on this issue. We can have this escalated to the Sports Team; however, there is no guarantee that this will change. What I can confirm is that we are always looking for ways to make things more interesting to our clients.

You shouldn’t be looking for ways to make things “more interesting” for us. You should be looking for ways to provide a fair experience where we don’t feel like we’re being screwed over.

To clarify here I think Mikey meant more in a sense of that the scoreboard is something that provides entertainment value to players. Though I do get the sentiment here obviously and it’s a valid one. What I would say is that while the scoreboard does sometimes have issues, for the most part it is right far more than it is wrong.

We of course do have issues with it sometimes, but it is something that is written in our rules clearly, and many times when these issues occur and are warranted we do sometimes look into what we can do if there’s been confusion.

I don’t foresee us removing the live scoreboard entirely, and don’t even necessarily think this would make most players happy, but it is something that were constantly striving to improve.

I think this suggestion really needs to have more attention placed to it.

With the way things are with live betting, it’s a headache for the players and the house. The big difference is that the house controls the narrative here and the players are boxed in a corner.

It shouldn’t be this way. It’s clear and obvious there’s an issue. If this was a slot machine, you would’ve pulled it down and had it tested and maintenance.

The same should be done here.

I hear the house’s argument that it will cost you money, big deal. It’s cost players money and in the end costs your reputation. Which is worth more a few days of downtime on live lines or a longer lasting branding you’ll receive that will cost you way more in the end.

It’s time to step up and do what’s right and remove the scoreboard portion until it is fixed or a replacement is found that does work.

There’s too much money at stake for the players and the house here to have faulty and inaccurate systems in place.

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They dont need to remove the scoreboard BUT their scoreboard and their live lines shouldnt be interconnected

You cant tell your bettors that the scoreboard isnt to be taken as accurate AND simultaneously have your line being generated by that scoreboars because ostensibly what youre then saying is " our lines arent to taken as accurate"

I personally would not like to see it removed.

In the past, I would have agreed with the sentiment that the scoreboard is right far more than it is wrong. And technically… sure, it is still that way. But the error rates have increased beyond any acceptable level. As soon as NBA started it was bad, and has only continued to do so since college basketball got going. This was not the case last year.
It is a poor look for Bovada, and the messages quoting the rules of live betting are not an answer to the concerns. I appreciate you all passing along these concerns to the sports teams!

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