Result of the Games

is there a way to see the results of the game i wagered on without looking it up in google? it would be nice if i can just click it and see the final scores here in bovada @moderators


Many of them do have livescores that you can review, but not all wagers will have shown results unfortunately. It is definitely feedback to provide to the sports team, though certain wagers are obviously harder to track than others especially some international games.

what do you mean harder to track? if you they can settle the wager they should have the result of the games right? i wish they can include it in the transaction page too like they do on other sportsbooks

Like this @Ryan_Bovada

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Apologies I wasn’t realizing you meant after settlement, then yes that’s definitely feasible I would assume. I’ll be moving this to site feedback for review.


thank you so much sir! yeah cuz its a pain in the neck to check all the games i wagered on especially the foreign ones. having it accesible on the transaction page will make it really easy and save us a lot of time

@moderators is there any updates on this? thanks

We have advised the sports team of this, but it isn’t likely to be something that would change quickly or even guaranteed to be. We’ll provide any updates as we have them, but this is likely to be a long term addition or something put on the road map in the future.

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