Reward Point Drops Hosted vs HOF

Back when I was hosted for a couple months I would be able to reach out to my host and get a reward points drop every 5 days and it was really helpful to play between deposits. These days I am playing/depositing far more than I was back then but I am no longer hosted, which I do not understand. A suggestion would be to allow players that have achieved Hall of Fame reward level the opportunity to get the reward points every 5 days just like a hosted player can. There is not much of a benefit to getting to the highest reward level and this would increase the incentive to get there. Between the randomness of being “hosted” and reward point drops, this could make things a little more predictable and would benefit Bovada and also it’s loyal players. Let me know what you all think!


The benefit of being a HOF is you can brag to others how much money you’ve played/thrown away. That my friend, is priceless


Truth is told , :clap::clap::clap::clap: @0ny_123


The man speaks truth


@moderators does this have any chance at being implemented or reviewed?

Hi @Rbailey1795,

Thank you for your suggestion, we will pass on your feedback.


It’ll be in the “under review” section for the next 6 months and then it’ll inexplicably go into the “dismissed” section without an explanation…we know how these things go.


we need more drops especially ones that high level traders on here

and why did reward points all of sudden dissappear


Agreed use to get once a week or every other haven’t gotten in like 6 months way better options in the industry


Bovada runs more like a place ready to shut down rather than grow


Just wait til sports betting is legalized in entire US

Bovada is doomed if they operate with Blackjack rigged the way they have been doing it lately. Which is why I play in real casinos and not on here.


@Rbailey1795 I had the exact same thing happen to me! Then just 2 weeks ago I was granted ‘hosted’ status again. Only this time they’ve been completely unresponsive. Honestly have no idea what’s going on anymore…

I was hosted for awhile, the best thing about it was the bonuses I would get just by asking. One time I was stuck in the hospital getting a procedure done and I was bored and asked for some so they threw me $500. Other than that it was pointless. They always said to ask if I needed anything, I would try and find out what that means but they never really answered. So now that I’ve just been HOF for a year if I ask a simple question I’ve been treated rudely. Luckily, the sports gambling bill goes to the Governor in my state next week. HOF means nothing. I got more rewards when I first started out on Bovada, I would get at least $300 free play at the beginning of every week. Now its just bitcoin bonuses with crappy play throughs and forty cent slot spins. Majorly disappointed. Most players don’t know how to stop and will lose the rewards anyway. Wouldn’t Bovada benefit from incentivizing people in a better way, especially if you have 9,000,000 points? These bonuses are only enticing the low hanging fruit. Just my long winded two cents.


Six blackjacks to the dealer in a row when you start to run low on the money and they say it’s random, give me a break.


Oh it certainly isn’t legitimate .

That said… once or twice a month… they will have it so everyone is winning and the tables are all busting but the chances of you getting in on those when they allow all players to win are slim and I’ve only been a part of that a couple times . Literally no point in the casino

They did the same exact thing last year ! I swear I remember thinking they are so so cheap they couldn’t even give Xmas bonus of any kind to their loyal players !?!?


Has anyone gotten any lil gifts since October ?

If you’re VIP you can ask for it every 5 days. But your deposits have to be higher than withdraws. Bovada is so cheap lol


11.5 million lifetime points between here and sister site, and that’s saying something especially here since I’ve made it as high as I have without any huge wins to play that up with. And have never been offered VIP or a host. Really curious to know what exactly it takes (even though I know that mods can’t confirm that criteria)

All they will confirm is that you’ve got to lose quite a bit of money to get there. I’m hall of fame but not by a ton. I’ve easily lost well into 6 figures … probably 7 figures. but I’ve been here since 2007