Reward points change

I guess I’ll start this, reward point spends for the $100 dollars now is 95000 points for a $100 reward that needs to be rolled over 5x. Was just 50000 points for this last month, and 75000 for a 2x a week ago. This is just some friendly advice/suggestion. I live in the most populace state, in November, 6 months from now, there are two measures that are going to be voted on, one of the 2 has a 90+% chance of passing regarding legal sportsbooks. At that point, probably your largest state base clients will have a choice, and moves like this are going to make an exodus choice easier.

So maybe pitch up to the promo team that it’s not a great idea to offer 5 dollar off reward point promo with a 5x rollover. Just good for thought I guess. Not your fault at all mods, just this seems like the best place to give constructive criticism


Did anybody’s requirements for certain rewards drastically change? I used to routinely get $100 bonus for 50k points(5×rollover) now it’s 95k. As much as I appreciate it, it’s hardly worth it.


Yep. Didnt see you post but i had just made a post about this exact thing in another thread. Used to be 75,000 for 2x

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It’s one of the main reasons I stay. I have a new one for $25 for 37500??? I don’t necessarily mind the rollover, but why would I take it the $25 over $37.50. Let me know if you hear anything. Thanks!!!

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Yeah that’s trash lol not even worth using

The promotional team is a joke!

This is the final straw for me.

Too many other sites offering great bonuses and reward loyalty.

Good luck gentlemen!

I’m out!


Seriously seems like a joke that $100 would be 95000 points 5X rollover. Why even offer that? It is much more insulting than just not offering anything other than the $1 for 1000 points 2X rollover.


They definitely are. Which ones? Needa new site


Perfectly said mdoggy. I personally love the rewards program. Why mess with it.

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Agreed. Seems like the wrong time to make changes when multiple US states are legalizing sports wagering….



Has anyone noticed how bad the redeemable bonuses have become? You used to be able to get 100 dollar cash bonus for 50k points and now… that’s gone and your only option is 95k points for 100 cash bonus .

So basically…

They used to give you 50 dollar cash bonuses and now they give you 5 dollar bonuses for even more points. Weak. I wonder if they are just deciding we won’t care or what it is.

Im not usually one to complain but I’m curious if anyone else is irked by this and maybe someone will see this thread and see how weak we think that move is.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding something, I’d be happy to be wrong.


Before I get any cut and paste responses. I understand bovadas marketing team can add and remove these promotions as they please but this is a considerable downgrade.

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I was just about to post this, what an absolute joke. Why in the world would I spend 37500 points to redeems a $25 bonus? Amazing how blatantly tight the guys are getting


The top and the bottom are funny

So those ones are upside down because youre a high level like me where 1000 points = 1 dollar if redeemed. Other folks that are lower levels would like those deals more.

I think this how it works anyways.

I was just possed because I always would save my points and get 3, 50 dollar bonuses a week but it’s not there anymore. Just this pathetic one

On bad weeks those bonuses used to be a great lifeline

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Honestly it’s a better deal to get cash them in at face value. Amazing the brains they have in that promo department


Haha that’s the case now for sure. But for the last year atleast they had the 50k for 100$ promo which was great.

Maybe they are falling on hard times (hard to believe) with many states legalizing sports betting.

i get $15 for every 14000 points
2x""" sports, is that bad?

small fish bettor""
[900k lifetime""" points}


Hall of Fame here, frustrated at the 95k points for $100 change. Why?!?!