Rewards points gifts

I was just wondering why you quit giving rewards points gifts to players after their first cash out and we never receive any kind of little bonus gifts again after the first time we actually get to withdraw. I don’t think that’s fair it’s been well over 1 year since my first withdrawal and I have never received any free rewards points or surprise free spins since. And I deposit a good bit or used to anyways


It is all dependent on how long you’ve been in here / loyalty and if you’re spending thousands in a month or just spend 50 bucks here and there.

I’ve been here forever and still get them regularly but I also typically spend 4500 or so a month

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Not if you have a cash out over a certain amount. Seems they shut you down for the month if you have a withdrawal over 2500. I deposit same or more, but last month got lucky and had a 5k withdrawal. I’m still not getting any drops/etc. And it’s almost the end of the next month. I’ve literally been told by the chat support it’s really only issued if your Sunday through Saturday in the previous week was a net loss and over a grand.

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I think there is a points drop today. Last one was 5/23

Don’t expect much. I got my little gift bonus “awarded” yesterday and it was $1.30

Ok so today is the day for points and crypto cb, I believe!


I also spend that per month - and don’t get shit lol. And I’m a hall of fame level player as far as their stupid ranking system thing goes etc.

Basically, they arbitrarily give points and bonuses out to people. From what I gather, they have recently tightened the belt and are shrinking what was already a pathetic level of reciprocity to an almost non-existent level.

You would think they’d realize that treating the players who deposit most and spend the most time on here would be good business practices to reward them for their loyalty, to regularly give them points and rewards which cost Bovada literally next to nothing (further guaranteed by the 20x and 30x rollovers etc.) but they instead choose not to. Makes no sense to me - and is just a bad business model to follow. 20x more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to maintain a current one and the way you maintain the current ones (especially those that contribute the largest sums to their bottom lines relative to to their deposit frequency, deposits amounts, amount and volume of withdrawals, typical bet amounts, types of games played, typical player trends etc. you’d assume these metrics would indicate who to reward, how much, and how often - but that’s not the case.

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I think the clear and obvious reason is the site won’t be around much longer. They see their end in sight and are going to do their best to get as much as they can before they are gone. The legalization of sports betting in the US will bring them to an end and they know that. This is them showing that they are on the way out


The $9 in cash back rewards pretty much spelled it out.

Can’t get anymore obvious than that.

I’ll still be depositing until the feds finally end this social experiment

88 days since a points drop lol

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Can someone please check to see where my points & spin bonuses are? I’ve never made a withdrawal, have made MANY deposits & nothing for a bonus unless I deposit more and even those are far & few between.
Pls someone check what the eff is going on. Thanks!

Right I’ve made hundreds and thousands of deposits and reached out for a bonus… and they can offer $0. Very dissatisfied, and disappointed, especially as a VERY active member. If anything they should up the bonuses due to site glitches ect.

At thid point im ok with no gifts just fix games plz

Already fixed u cant tell.:thinking: