Rewards points poker tournaments

It would be great if bovada could add a $15 and $25 poker tournament ticket to the rewards program. Many times I want to play the $15 crazy 8’s for the bigger prize pool compared to the $10 crazy 8’s


I’d like to see some new rewards rolled out as well.

An option to buy poker “tournament bucks” would be nice. maybe in $25 increments with which we can enter any tournament or sit and go that we choose?

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id like to see rewards to get excited about, not just enough points to get a $2 ticket after gambling $1000 in tournament buy ins

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Good feedback. Hopefully they acknowledge this and get something going with their rewards as I will agree … the rewards are going a bit stale…

Seeing as states in the US are slowly legalizing … they’re gonna need to step their game up if they’re gonna remain at the top. Soon enough US Based sites will be a thing …

Also …many casinos with sportsbooks are beginning to create mobile platforms where you can bet / cash out from your home so the clock is ticking on Bovada…

This is in the process of happening in NC where im living and our sportsbook is now open.

C’mon Bovada… if you really want your revenue to increase… you’ve gotta do more to entice the newer customers. I’ve been here since 07 so you know people such as myself will stick around for now but I agree things need to improve

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