Rewards Store Offers Refresh

In the Rewards Store, I used to have an option to redeem 18,500 points for $25 bonus. I used it multiple times and it seemed to refresh weekly. Is this no longer going to refresh after use?

I’ve noticed that some of my offers vanish every once in awhile as well.

My guess is that some of them can only be used x amount of times.

LOL, Bovada loves my business so much that they take my rewards options away when I get the points. Last night, when I got over 50,000 points, my option for a $100 reward for 50,000 points suddenly vanished! LOL but another option for $100 for 75,000 points became available sly. Like seriously?? That’s so weak! I’m sure Bovada is hurting so bad that they cannot offer me that bonus anymore. Lately, its been one thing after another. I’ve been a loyal customer that has lost quite a bit of money here, admittedly, but IDK. Its starting to look more and more that I should cut my losses and find another shop,

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The place is going downhill. I recommend sister sites or the daily fantasy sport sites for gambling

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They do this all the time. Every time I get reward points those options to buy disappear and I’m only left with the ones I can’t afford

It’s such BS. I cant even believe they actually did that. Lol. Are they really hurting thst bad that they can’t afford me getting a $100 bonus that’s I probably spent $5000 to get?

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The answer is probably no but they realize they are toast when all U.S. states fully legalize sports gambling and people are able to bet via their cell phones thru their local casinos or even casinos a few hours away.

They wont have to worry about the offshore BS and fake RTPs

They are getting everyone for as much money as they can while they can

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Same thing is happening to me. I am not up to 95,000 points for the $100. Not sure why they think I would waste 95,000 points on this when it comes with the 5x rollover requirement.

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Lol the 50,000 point option for $100 is now officially gone! Lol. He only option is now 95,000 points! Such a siiiiick reward system! :joy:


Agreed. I’ve lost $5500 ish in 24 hours but they keep gas lighting the entire community and posting fake RTPs for me.

Nothing fake was ever provided to you in regards to any financial or RTP figure

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Don’t wanna speak ill of company cause ill be banned from forum but I see the match bonuses have 10x playthrough now

Match Bonuses? Must be nice. $22k money in last month.

This just got added to my account. 25x playthrough on my likely $1.20 win. gl

Bonus includes:

  • 20 Free Spins / $ 0.20 Each

Bonus details:

20 Free Spins on 777 Deluxe - $0.20 per spin. Max cashout $250 - Min deposit $20 - Playthrough Requirements: 25X Casino | 5X Sports | 5X Horses-

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Anybody still have Super Bowl match bonuses LOL that’s the only thing I have on mine ha ha ha wasn’t the Super Bowl like in February

I really don’t think repeatedly tossing buzz words like “gas lighting” (that’s not happening or you have a complete misunderstanding of the phrase) out are getting you anywhere or garnering the amount of torches and pitch forks you are hoping for.

I hope you are able to take that break soon to help clear your mind and lower your frustration level, to allow the fun to come back.

I am certainly curious why Bovada struggles to now provide 50K reward points for $100 at the regular 5X/35X? Can I get clarification as to why promo team decided they wanted to tighten up and make it harder to win?

Legitimately curious

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Once California legalizes gambling Bov is out of business. Might as well squeeze every penny while they can for the next year or two.

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I was hosted when I was on a serious mush run. I cashed out one time and the. Un hosted following month. Down about 80k for the year and I haven’t received a single non deposit bonus in over a month. Not to mention the only consistent promotion they have non deposit was bitcoin exclusive. Now they take away reward points, 25 free spins to claim, and say oh it’s better you can have .20 spins x20 if u deposit? This is really a joke. Not to mention the customer service really doesn’t have it together anymore


Absolutely! Bovada is a joke! Casino doesn’t pay! I one year i lost over 7000 dollars being on bovada and they kept me coming back by offering weekly bonuses. Then suddenly they take those away too! I have played here in over a month. Moved to a different site and in the weeks have already won over 4000 dollars of my initial 100 dollar deposit!


I had an option to trade 50k/ 75k points for $100 and those both went away and its now 95k points for$100. With poop rollover. Its getting bad and incredulously asinine. Its a joke anymore.