Robbed of $298 by BOVADA today and chat will do nothing to help

2 weeks ago I got an email about a reload bonus and to log in to see the offer.

I logged in, and no offer. So I emailed support. They told me $150 bonus at 75% with a 20x rollover. I asked how do I claim this if it was not showing in my account. They told me to make a deposit and chat with support to get the bonus. So I did.

Today they removed $298 (of a $150 bonus. How is that possible?)

I have chatted and they keep saying by accepting the bonus I agreed to the expiration. Problem is, it never showed up on the website. The email from support said nothing about a 7 day expiration. I’ve NEVER had a 7 day expiration, especially not on a 20x rollover. I NEVER would have accepted this promo if they told me I had a week to churn through it.

Chat refuses to connect me with anyone higher. Who do I need to go to in order to get this addressed? This is absolutely insane!


Don’t Hold Your Breathe…:grin:


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I do understand your frustration as this came unexpectedly to you. The thing is whenever a bonus is redeemed you will be able to see the expiration for the bonus. The bonus expiration has never been sent in the email so this is probably something that can be done in the future. We are unable to reactive the bonus unfortunately.

Mikey, you miss the biggest issue here… I WAS NEVER GIVEN A BONUS TO REDEEM. I had an email, it told me to log in to see the bonus offer. However there was no offer. I emailed support, asking them what the offer was they told me the 75% $150 bonus. I asked how to get this. They said make a deposit and chat to have it applied. NOWHERE DURING THIS WAS A 7 DAY EXPIRATION MENTIONED. I never clicked “redeem”. There was never an offer on my page.

You literally just said it. You may not have clicked redeem but if you contacted support and they added it, the bonus would show on your dash. Which you could have seen the 7 day expiration.


Did you need see where I also said if I knew about the expiration BEFORE, (like if I clicked to redeem on the site), I would have seen a 7 day expiration and not agreed to it. Also nobody can give me a logical reason for taking $298 off a $150 bonus.

Wel if those funds 298$ were a result of using bonus funds 150$ then yes they will go bye bye if bonus has expired

It’s like Dave Chappell said to the 2 ladies show me yo titaas and after they did he told them the milks gone bad so you had a bonus tits but the milk gone bad bonus expired

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20X rollover means the $$$ was gone once you deposited … unless you could make $6000 in bets without losing that $298. Even in 30 days, 60 days, or any amount of time, chances of ever cashing out are slim

how does the $298 come into play though? it was a $150 bonus. I’ve had bonuses which didn’t have a 7 day. I could roll it over in 30, but 7?? Again, if I had been told this, I wouldn’t have done it. I’ve emailed dispute resolution and they came back saying “please contact support” LOL. I’ve done that 3 times via chat and 1 time via email and everyone said they cannot help.

When you wager with bonus funds and win is credited back as bonus funds, this is why you had more than what you started with.

How do you determinate what is bonus funds? I don’t say “use bonus funds for this bet”. Hell lets just say I lost all $150 of the bonus. So you take the bonus for an expiration date that I WAS NEVER MADE AWARE OF, and you take winnings too. Crooked and shady! How come dispute resolutions have not replied to me yet? First they told me to contact support, I told them I have and have not heard anything back.

Once again, I was NEVER made aware of the 7 day expiration or I wouldn’t have done it. This is absolute garbage.

When you access the profile menu at the top of the page you will be able to see if the balance is a bonus or not as it will show next to the balance on the account.

well by the time I had been given the bonus, it would have been too late. The point remains that I did not click to accept a bonus, I was told about it by email and then chatted and was told NOTHING about an expiration. That is the complaint here. Had I gone to click and it said 7 days to roll through $6,000 i’d have laughed and said no thanks.

This thread is so dumb…who would ever take a 20x rollover…just give them your money…sucker