Rollover Requirements Need An Overhaul

This will be a popular request for the players but not the house.

This is something I’ve kicked around for years and while I know why it’s done, it’s time to make a change industry wide.

I’m going to keep the example easy.

100% Deposit Bonus up to $100 with Rollover Requirements: 5X Sports/5X Horses/30X Casino

You deposit $100 and you receive a $100 Bonus.

Your account will look like such:

Available to withdraw: $ 100
Bonus Funds: $ 100
Locked Funds: $100

Here’s the rub in order to unlock your bonus funds you have to wager $1,000 in Sports or Horses or $6,000* in casino action based on slot play alone. * games like black jack and similar games contribute less so you will need to have more than $6,000 in play.

You’re sitting there going but I only received a $100 bonus and it states 5x or 30x but yet my numbers are 10x and 60X based on my bonus.

The reason for this is, the system includes your $100 deposit thus counting your bonus as $100 +$100 for a total of $200.

This practice has been in place from the beginning of offshore wagering.

Now we are in a different time at least in the USA of which the majority of offshore wagering takes place. There are reports all over the place that validate this statement.

In the USA you now have a majority of the states have some form of legal sportsbetting. These legal outfits give bonuses and yet there’s no rollover except the 1x you use the bonus and that’s even if you win.

Bovada as one of the offshore leaders in terms of sportsbook should be a trail blazer and drop the ridiculous requirement of a double rollover.

The only current requirement of any deposit without a bonus is that you have to rollover the deposit or put your money in play 1x, so why is it that when you get a bonus that changes for the deposit amount?

You are in essence penalizing the player for taking a deposit bonus of which the house offered to entice them to make a deposit to begin with.

It’s 2022 not 2002 and the industry has evolved but not in this area.

So what I’m proposing based on my example:

100% Deposit Bonus Up to $100 you can keep the same roll over requirements however the rollover is $500 and $3,000 to unlock the bonus funds.

Don’t tax the deposit with an additional requirement outside of the 1x rollover which is the standard for non bonus.

Be a trailblazer and make 2022 the year of Bovada…


Very well put. I’ve never understood the logic behind this either other than the house wanting to make it nearly impossible to finish the playthrough. It is also surprising that the issue has not been brought up more often. If the rollover is based on the bonus, then it should only be based on ‘the bonus amount’. Not sure why the deposited amount gets factored into the rollover as it’s not part of the bonus funds.
What would make sense then is $100 to rollover on the deposited funds and the $500 (sports) or $3000 (casino) to roll over on the bonus funds as per your example. Hopefully this gets more attention.

In addition to this, I think most players would be willing to settle for a lower max value or percentage to have this change.

I’ve seen times where a bigger bonus is offered as a pick me up to players but the rollover is so extreme one has to decide if they even take it and it’s not a positive player experience to “fight the rollover”

I’d rather do 50% on a smaller max with that 5/25 rollover applied only to the bonus fund in exchange for eliminating higher percentage or maximum value bonuses.

Yep. I agree with all of you. If this rollover requirement garbage doesn’t change for the better, they will most certainly lose a good amount of US gamblers… and soon.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I have not gambled on here in 2022 and have played elsewhere for now. The bonuses I’ve gotten are better elsewhere and I don’t really feel as appreciated here.

And this coming from someone who gambled a TON on here in 2021 and I essentially donated $60K on here last year… net loss for the year. Im hall of fame / hosted. That has most definitely done nothing other than getting more large rollover bonuses mostly. Just not worth it

I have a close friend who wagers more than I do and we vowed not to play on here til things like this change and they freshen up and improve bonuses and the whole reward system. All I ever see rolling out new is casino games. I get it… bigger house edge. Do something for the players for once who are paying some of your salaries though Bovada. I feel like I’m getting nickle and dimed far too often when only a small portion of cashback is given upon losing a large sum of money and then to make matters worse usually have to deal with the 5X Sport and high casino rollover. The only exceptions being when I use reward points for smaller rollover bonuses to which I only get those if… once again… I lose a sh** ton of money. It gets to a point where enough is enough. There are better options out there. I’m not gonna try to take all your players off here but the high rollers to which I know … they’ll be losing all of our business unless I see some big improvements in 2022 . As of now , nothing is changing and there have been no incentives strictly for high rollers that make it worth it. So for now, no more money from us

I’m like 2 for 5 beating the rollover for decent profit (save some to buy back in later when ya go zero) it’s painfully long at slots. I feel like I wager tens of thousands and only get like 30% lol

I agree :100:… Needs to change.

Rollover requirement is ridiculous made small deposit 30 like a dummy took 25% bonus won mega jackpot for 750 went to get money showed not available till rollover I only play blackjack and slots which both have small rewards ended up blowing most of money playing big money blackjack lost almost every hand so by getting 8 dollar bonus cost me hundreds trying to get past rollover. Will never do that again