Rotation Numbers

Adding rotation numbers makes it easier to find the game you are looking for. Most people don’t want to search and search for the team or the game they want to bet on. Adding rotation numbers solves that issue. I have attached an example.

When you go to a land based sportsbook and place your wager, you tell them the rotation number and the amount you want to bet. They punch it in and put the wager in for you.

Don Best supplies the rotation numbers and a great majority of online sportsbooks uses them, it’s a lot easier.

Bovada has every game listed by time and a lot of the games are games that are secondary type games meaning they are the also listed games which are at the bottom of the rotation. It’s done that way on purpose because those games are between small schools that do not generate a lot of betting action.

Any potential update on this?


Hey there @freaksforum,

Apologies for the late response on this, it’s certainly something we can discuss with the team and pass on the feedback for.

Once we have an update, we will let you know.

Hi @freaksforum, we wanted to circle back and let you know that we will be dismissing this particular suggestion as there are no current plans to re-introduce rotation numbers in our system as most players might not be familiar with them.

Our current search feature should be a quick and easy way to find an offered game line.

I would disagree that players would not be familiar with them. Anyone that has ever bet in a casino sportsbook has to give the rotation number to place their bet. Almost every online sportsbook has a rotation number for sports.

It’s actually the reverse to see a sportsbook not to have rotation numbers. It’s the most common thing they all share.