Same Game Parlays (More Parlay Options)

Many of the big sportsbook started offering same game parlays, I would love it if Bovada did it here too. Players love it and it seems pretty fun.

Players on other sportsbook are able to parlay pretty much almost anything, over/unders of each quarter in the same game, player points, game winner, over/under of whole games, then they could even parlay that “Same Game parlay” with another one


I feel like this would be a very popular thing being suggested if so please forgive me but i did not see the thread, If you add SGP here I have very little reason to use another sportsbook

I was wondering if any more thought has been put into this, I AM VERY INTERESTED IN “SGP”!!

Yea was just having a convo about this with people as sometimes I see a few games I like and I’d love to be able to throw 12 teamers together on just 6 games.

I just saw a screenshot of a parlay someone shared, and they had

Steph Curry Over 3.5 3s
Steph Curry 5+ Threes
Steph Curry 4+ Assist
Steph Curry Over 30 Pts

Please give this option to us Bovada!