Same here ... Ever since yesterday. Wins and even hands counting as losses. Lucky i took a screen shot of one of them. But it were more that it wasnt counting wins

The joker for the dealer will give a A-5 straight.
The A-5 straight is the second highest straight in the game behind the A-J-Q-J-10

Um but i have a straight too . higher than an 12345 - i have 45678

So ur telling me in this game ace-5 is higher?

I dont know how you guys play the game but us Asian Folks here who plays this game like all the time would say the play 45678 is higher than 12345

Dont take my word for it tho. Im just a Level Legend 2.

A-5 is higher, yes beaten only by the A-10

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It helps to read the rules of each game before playing.