SCAM! Heatherderr stole 300 dollars without providing PT/voucher

Watch out!

The account was seemingly suspended shortly after (I am new to the community, so I am not sure when that actually happened), but this user seemed to have a decent level of activity. If anyone has had a similar experience or can help me recover my money, please let me know. Thanks!

I’d send the mods a PM and they will walk you through steps to take. Very sorry this happened man. I’m sure you’ll be taken care of. Unfortunately mods are off for a few more hours but should be able to help right away. Was their ad placed in the marketplace?

Have you spoken with the Community @moderators? They can help point you in the right direction.

Sorry to hear this happened to you. This is starting to become quite frequent in the Community these days. Sad!

Hi @Skyfriends,

If you are still having this issue, please feel free to send us a PM.

Yes, I cannot get ahold of this person and 300 dollars was stolen from me

I will send you a PM.

I am a bit mystified regarding OP comments, when doing a search for all posts for Heatherderr, this is the only post that shows up.

No posts selling, no posts of anything. How did you happen to make contact with this person?

How was the trade set up by method?

These kind of posts keep coming up but they aren’t following the rules of the community. I am sure this is the same case. People need to read, comprehend and understand the rules of the community before just going blind into a trade.


Any update on this?