Seeking help to decipher playthrough requirements

To make things simple. I only gambled in the casino and I also only played slots as I know Different games contribute different amounts. But everything I played so far today contributes 100%. I would really appreciate it if someone could take just a moment so I can understand where I’m off.
I used a buy in bonus which rewarded me 75% of my buy in. It states my playthrough requirements require a little over $17,000 wagered in the casino.

As I understand it this image is saying that I’ve wagered more than $17,000(my only gameplay in the last 24 hours has been since I made my buy in with the 75% bonus). Yet my bonus stands at 66%. I’m not saying the system is wrong. I’m sure it’s me some how but I would just like to know how. I’m told the requirement is around $17k, I wagered $17k at 100% contribution yet I stand at 66% play through. How can this be? I greatly appreciate and thank you in advance for your time and assistance on this.

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I understand it may be difficult to see. I can post other screen shots if needed but all of my play begins at 3:15. Same time as bonus deposit

Idk but congrats maybe make some sports bets to finish her off so you don’t get bovadaeded

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There’s a tedious way to calculate this and it’s by looking at your transactions and clicking on each transaction. Then, you basically all the money that you staked after getting the bonus.

We suggest that you read this post here for more info. If you have any questions, please let us know.