September Poker Freeroll!

Hey everyone, our Poker Freeroll will be this Saturday the 10th at 7p ET! The Tournament can be found HERE and registration opens at 7a ET tomorrow.

The Password can be found HERE

Remember this is for our Anniversary Leaderboard!


How do I get in

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has the code for the poker freeroll been giving out yet?

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It has but I can’t figure out where the tournament is at… do I know?

anyone has the code to register?

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Im trying to find the code too

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They haven’t gave any password yet


Who is still in the tourney???

I was waiting until the bubble burst, but still here! Two months in a row cashing!


Just my luck i lost connection when it went on break and when i came back it was done. GL to whoever wins

Congrats, this is 3 months for me.
I got 2nd last month and I won the month before


But I am short stacked now

Impressive! Blinds are creeping up so it might be bingo time soon. Good luck!

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Good Luck!!!

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came in 54th lol


Finished in 31st , not too bad


Ugh, just lost KK vs 99 vs 77 for about 55K. Would’ve been a monster chip lead too.

Still in at about 12K after a triple up, but still… ouch

I’m still in. Down to 19 players