September Spins Opt In!

Hey everyone!

This is the Opt in List for September Spins as per our 10th Anniversary Competition . Note that we will cap this at 500 players so make sure to get in early! Spins will be provided prior to end of month and another post will follow to post the spins and get on the leaderboard . This will close on Sunday at 12p ET in the afternoon.

Opt In For Spins
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Do we need to comment as well or just click opt in

no need to comment. just need to click opt in! and youre good to go


How am i able to see if i opted in?

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Just opt in

If you can see these comments your in

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Oh… ok. I’m kinda new to the forum. But been a long long long time player. Thanks sugar!

Let’s get this fetti

@Gnes777 and @Sugar2112 This isn’t accurate, seeing comments and making a post is not enough for entry. You need to actually select the opt in button on the poll.


Well how do I know for sure that I’m opted in ??

I have opted in, whats next?

The radio button should be filled in black if you’ve opted in above. Please review the first post for details on what comes next!

Welcome to the Community both of you!

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@Ryan_Bovada how do I opt in. The instructions are not very clear? I also don’t see the huge button that says opt me in? I’m terribly confused. Do I click that button? :rofl:

@moderators don’t get paid enough……


Change your profile photo so you don’t look like the other 7,000 people and then click the bottom arrow under who is opted in and you will see yourself a lot easier.

I opted inn soo what do i do now

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Can someone explain what to do next once you opted inn

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This is explained in the first post and subsequent links on it. Please read up on all details!


Im not seeing anything n my account about this no spins or anywhere to claim the spins can u please help me

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