September Sports Competition

It’s time for the September Sports Leaderboard competition! This one will be based on the NFL per popular demand! Choose the winners of the 10 selections and points will be awarded to all players in the top 10. The winner/s of the competition will receive a $500 prize divided between the player/s who select the most winners on the head to head matchups.

If there are any ties in the top 10 then points will be evenly distributed among the places. For example, 1 player finishes in 1st, would receive 10 points, but then 3 players tie for second; we will add up 2nd,3rd,4th place points (9+8+7=24) and evenly distribute 8 points to the 3 members and then continue to 5th place and so on. No matter how many ties we have we will provide a minimum of 1 point to all eligible players. For instance if 7 players tie for 10th they will each get a single point as opposed to 1/7.

Keep an eye on each game as they all have different closing times based on when the game is scheduled.

Rules are as follows:

  1. To receive a bonus, winning accounts must have made at least 1 deposit.
  2. Prize pool will be split among all players that chose the most correct answers.
  3. Players will not be able to see other selections until the Poll has closed. You may change your vote at anytime before that time.
  4. Bonuses will be issued within 24 hours after the end of the last game played.
  5. All bonuses will be issued with standard rollover of 5X Horses/Sports, 3X Poker Points, 20X Casino

So here goes:

CLOSES THURSDAY: Who will win Week 3 in the NFL?
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Cleveland Browns

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Who Will win Week 3 NFL?
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Miami Dolphins

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Who Will Win Week 3 NFL?
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Who Will Win Week 3 NFL?
  • San Francisco 49’ers
  • Denver Broncos

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Who Will Win Week 3 NFL?
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • New York Giants

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Which of these QB’s will have the most total yards in Week 3? (Passing, Rushing, Receiving)
  • Patrick Mahomes
  • Josh Allen
  • Joe Burrow
  • Justin Herbert
  • Lamar Jackson

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Which of these RB’s will have the most rushing yards week 3 in the NFL?
  • Derrick Henry
  • Jonathan Taylor
  • Joe Mixon
  • Austin Ekeler

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CLOSES THURSDAY: Will more away teams or home teams win week 3 in the NFL?
  • Home Teams
  • Away Teams
  • Even Split

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Which of these WR’s will have the most receiving yards week 3 in the NFL?
  • Tyreek Hill
  • Justin Jefferson
  • Cooper Kupp
  • Stefon Diggs

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Which of these TE’s will have the most receiving yards week 3 in the NFL?
  • Travis Kelce
  • Mark Andrews
  • Kyle Pitts
  • George Kittle

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Finally an NFL comp! Thank you for this, I’m sure a lot of us appreciate it


I love love this place


Thank you for doing this! Appreciate you guys


This is cool bovada :heart_eyes:


Yes!! Thank you for the contest!


Great Contest… yessir

I think alot will get these right

I don’t believe anyone will get them right. If Bovada let me bet on that, that would be an easy one.

There are 5 either-or contests, so picking randomly that’s a 1/32 chance of being perfect. Hopefully we can do better than random, but “on any given Sunday…”. With 300+ players as I write this, yeah, I would think quite a few will get all five game winners right, though that’s still an accomplishment given how close some of the spreads are and how “random” NFL game results are. Maybe 10-20 get all five games right. Could be even more if all five favorites win.

Now it gets crazy: 3 player performance contests with 4 choices and another contest with 5. Blind/random selections mean probability of getting those four all right are: 1/4 x 1/4 x 1/4 x 1/5 = 1/320. Uh oh. Call me a pessimist, but I don’t think any of those contests are slam dunks. Hopefully players can do better than the blind monkey, but unless anyone’s sitting out due to injury/suspension, the moderators didn’t pick these because they’re slam-dunks; they’re hard. We had those types of contests every week last season and you never knew what would happen. My guess is we won’t even see 10 competitors get all four of those right.

And the home-away-split contest is also anything but a sure bet.

Even ignoring the possibility of a home-away split, that’s a 50%-50% random bet, and with splits, it’s less. For the sake of finishing this post, I’ll estimate odds of picking right answer on that with a random guess at 40%.

So 1/32 x 1/320 x 40% = 0.04 %, or one chance in 25,600. Again, I’m sure there are better ways to pick than flipping coins or rolling dice, but the odds against anyone getting all 10 picks right are extremely slim. If someone does, they more than deserve all the prize money they can win! And I’ll be happy to congratulate them.

Assuming that nearly 400 competitors will enter this, my guess is that 8 right wins this, whether outright or a split. 7 right probably cashes.

Time will tell how well my post ages! :joy: Mr. Math certainly has been wrong before!


Thanks bovada

Yes Thank you

Thanks bovada

Fun read . I hope you’re right

Nah I’m going 10-0 :sunglasses:

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Na Im going 10-0 becuase i know all of you are picking the Bills haha… GO DOLPHINS!!!

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Surprised so many people had the Steelers, basically a 50-50. Browns closed like -210 on Bovada.

I’d love to gloat at my 1-0 score, but what’s the point when I know I’ll probably finish 3-7. At least I got one right! I’m probably more pleased to see Jacoby Brissett do well. He’s a good guy, and such a contrast to the QB who will replace him later this season.

Those Brissett 3rd down numbers are out of this world. Granted, it helps a lot having that Browns backfield. I got the Bills loaded up next, feel this might be more of a 60-40 split, which would be fair.

I love free bags​:moneybag::sunglasses:

The numbers the announcers were referring to were his quarterback sneak numbers. I’m a Colts fan, and during his four-year stint with the Colts, he proved to be about the best QB there is at one yard QB sneaks. Even when Luck and Rivers were the starters, when it was 3rd or 4th and 1, they’d often pull the starter and insert Brissett to get the first down. He’s almost unstoppable. Whatever the number is, I think he’s now 31 for 32 in his career, it’s been throughout his career. The Browns backfield has nothing to do with it.