Seriously. cashout is a ridiculous

I placed a tennis parlay, hit the first 2 legs and the cashout was available, but for about the same as I wagered. Then, my third leg got super ahead, like -2000, and the option went away. It says unavailable. What the hell is the point of offering if it can’t be utilized as intended
I know “it’s at the discretion blah blah blah”, but it seems like it only function in the best interest of the book.

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Yeah you pretty much nailed it, “at discretion” and “favoring the book” sums it up. Not sure what you’re hoping to accomplish here to be honest lol.

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Hi @GeezeMoney03, we understand it can be frustrating at a time when the cashout option. However, the ability to Cash Out may be suspended at any time in instances when a live line is no longer available.

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It’s so garbage. I have one that I can’t cash out bc game is being finished tomorrow. I have situations like yours too. It’s so useless

I think at this point youre better of not even using it

In most instances you’re better off just needing the last leg as opposed to cashing or anyways

If you’ve got 50 on a 5 leg parlay to win 300 and your last leg is -2000 then just throw 10 bucks on the other guy at +1000 ( or whatever )

You’ll end up making more either way than what the cashout option usually is anyways

The cash out option is offered to benefit the house. Typically they want you to cash out if it’s offered so their exposure to a bigger payout is limited.

Like Rmilia1 said don’t cash out, hedge it. You should be making your bets to see them through all the way anyway. I don’t know of anyone that goes into making a bet thinking if only I can get ahead in all of these, I can cash out. You play them for the allure of a big pay out and you should bet accordingly.

I always advise against cashing out. It’s a true edge to the house always.