Site Unavailable - 5/21/22

What’s going on again this is becoming a daily problem


Yep it sure is

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Time to find a new place this place sux and it’s always happening min ur on a good streak


How in the hell is the site down again less than 24 hours…this is horrid.

This never used to happen till that 3 day outage. Either they got hacked or they really have morons working here

I was getting a reload error every 45ish minutes all day yesterday. Then got 2 of them in 5 minutes today, now site is down as a whole. I bever get compensation though so I don’t expect much.

Yes it is down again

With millions these morons make spend some on upgrading ur program issues

Mobile slots not working in landscape mode either, since yesterday. Just have to keep messing with it until I get lucky and it becomes playable

Can you guys let me know where you’re getting an error? The sports pages are working fine for me

After all these issues and we still give these idiots our hard earned money. Can’t wait for senate to regulate this company

Casino can’t sign it the whole site

last time site was down i didnt get compensation cause i didnt get the chance to talk to customer service, wondering what i should do now.

Can’t sign in

No casino game will load lol

Yea this is ridiculous always something with this place. Deposit money on to a site and it’s down every day here lately.

This is ongoing since yesterday like really cmon

Poker won’t load either

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Can sign in now, no slot will load for me

Woooooow this shit is insane @moderators

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