Site Unavailable - 5/21/22

Can’t do anything in the site too. Trying to make deposit and won’t load

so just the Casino? I will have a look

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Once again……


Cant even load the page at all

In queue for a supervisor for over an hour with receipts only to have my chat end and page not work


What is happening today? Issues with site today

@Ryan_Bovada Yeah, casino is having issues for sure. Just stuck in loading screen

Literally allowed me to deposit and cant play any casino games UNBELIEVABLE

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we wont get comp’d though its a shame

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Cleared my cookies and it got worse :joy:


I cant even load the homepage ….

Poker also for me.

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I just got logged out

It just won’t load and laggy !

This is getting crazy

It won’t let me sign back in

Yep. Down and out

On a weekend too

Great business pratices lol


Trying to play winloch keep. I can get in, spin like three or four times, the get a message saying “spin validate failed”. Impossible to get a rhythm going.

cant put in my euroleague mlb and esports actions like this is just terrible!

I’ve pushed along all the details to our Support Team

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