Slot Tournaments

Since the slot tournaments are set up for those that want to open several browsers and spin their way to victory over the normal everyday player, I think it’s time we have tournaments that are fair for everyone.

Instead of the mass browsers tournament structure why not limit the spin total to 100 spins.

Non stop 20 minute tournaments all day long that cost something to enter or free if you prefer. You can hold 72 tournaments a day.

If you have it capped at x amount of spins, no one can complain that didn’t get their fixed amount in. Since they know when it starts and how many spins they receive.

You can keep the scoring system as it is as well. Bovada and affiliated sites would still get turnover because people would be using their real money to spin and guess what it would be fair for all. $ amount spun doesn’t matter and it would allow more people to win and have some fun.

If people find it fair and they have a chance, they’ll play. If they find it rigged as it is now, they don’t play. Why alienate your player base over a few people that play several browsers at a time to win? Makes no sense whatsoever.

Just a thought…


So many good ideas posted on site feedback including this one and nothing changes . Nothing ever gets added or revamped why do we have a suggestion and feedback page ?