Slow Wager Settlements

Slow wager settling tonight. I’ve got 3 outstanding. Bovada please settle ASAP thank you.

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wager not settled yet. wager reference number 22121661439008

22121661726787 @moderators I need this settled game was over. Honestly it’s getting ridiculous to keep coming here for wage settlements. You guys should be on top of it. You live lines been off also.

Sorry for the late reply, both wagers have been settled.

Made a $50 bet 12/30/22 on a college basketball game. Ref no 22121661572786. Bet over at 162.5 & the sore was 101-96 Have not received payment.

@Zambeze13 this has been also settled.

Again, I refer to my $50 wager on 12/30/22 with the reference number being 22121661572786. Bovada said the wager was paid. Unfortunately I checked into the balance of my account & it wasn’t paid. Look into this settlement again please. I should receive $97.62.

You did receive $97.62, you can check it on your end as well in transaction history.

What’s taking Georgia payout settlements so long?

@Vivian_Bovada I am waiting on two wager settlements from last night.


Can you please help?

Checking on the wager right now.

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Hi @Mikey_Bovada - thanks for looking into this,

PROPS-79694785 - still unsettled
PROPS-79666545 - now settled

Can you please take a look at PROPS-79694785?

Thanks again.

They are working on it, do keep an eye on the account.

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Ref # 23011673745575 may you check to see why this isn’t settled yet

Having a look right now.

We are still waiting for Nobogh Arak - Toofarghan Azershahr official results.

This was hours ago

@Vivian_Bovada Can you settle my bet? It was on 1/15/23. Ref. PROPS-79731211. Thanks.

You guys are pretty slow with the wager settling again

@Vivian_Bovada @Mikey_Bovada my wager was just settled but incorrectly graded as a loss. Can you help please?

Ref: 23031703309200