SMS Issues - May 15 2022

Welcome to the community! you should be good now, please let us know if you run into any issues.

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I have been trying to verify my phone number and contact a live agent for over 24 hrs now. Still nothing. I have a decent amount of funds that are in my account I have been trying to withdraw. I don’t understand how my money can be taken but can’t get paid out. Anything you can do to help?


Did you ever get your Bitcoin deposit?

@moderators, could someone check on my bitcoin cash deposit? It’s been cleared from my wallet. Been at least 4 hours.


All I can say is…

If upper management does not rectify the situation on here regarding not being able to deposit or use their platform…

Do not deposit here.

I’ve said it before . I run / own an upscale steakhouse in North Carolina. If a steak comes out well done and and it is supposed to be medium rare… we take accountability . Comp it. Do what is necessary for the customer to be satisfied. Get them drinks. We want return business. Whatever we gotta do. And you know what ? That’s why we are successful and a multi million dollar business annually.

If the higher ups are not going to do anything about this, at least for me… I am done here.

I shouldn’t have to go to you guys and whine because you don’t feel like solving the problem. I’m down nearly 6 figures and your website was down til 430pm for me… conveniently so I couldn’t pre game wager on Boston and your answer is that you don’t know of any compensation?

I will be posting on social media until this either gets taken care of for a loyal customer since 2007 or be disabling my account and further blasting this company.

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@ToysRuS The issue was resolved at 1:30p ET and I posted at that time asking for anyone to let me know if they were still having problems signing in. I don’t see that you posted about this, we could have provided troubleshooting.

@cgoodman1 , you will need to go through live chat to update your phone number, unfortunately, we can’t do that through the community.

GG!!! Well played Bovada.

I’m more curious how I can come eat at the steakhouse. Sounds great! I feel your pain! Happened to me this morning. There was a delay on the blockchain network…btc miners may take longer than usual to confirm transactions on miners fees too low. Hope you stay at bovada! GL!

Sir i run a business. I cannot be on these forums all the time. When I have downtime I ganble when I’m working my 65 or more hours a week…I can’t. But I don’t want to be swept under a rug like a peasant. I’ve lost near 6 figures since beginning 2021 and am treated like this ? Really?

Look us up. Southern Prime. In NC. If this sh** doesn’t get resolved properly especially when I was going to place fairly big money on Boston I’m gonna be pissed off though considering they’re acting like it was my fault

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This isn’t about updating my phone # . Make it right for me.

Your post is null and void James. I couldn’t even access the community until after 4pm so how do you presume I respond to you?