SMS validation issue

Which ones did you try?

Is this affecting all users? You’re allowing people to deposit knowing they can’t withdraw?

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Bitpay, Blockchain, Coinbase,, BitWallet and maybe one more.

@Trpfvr the issue is not from our end, it’s provider having outage.

@K_Mood are you receiving any errors?

Use exodus

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Paxful is good

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Instead of using the phone number can’t you use our email address to send the verification code?

I am having the same sms issue. Not even trying to withdraw just trying to send a PT and it won’t send me the sms code…: any idea what’s up?

Hey Stan,

Software Developer here so I know the struggles when I Third Party goes down. It would be at the time that I finally had a good run and recovered some of my previous donations to the site :D.

Why not independently SMS verify accounts though? All data is hosted in house and the process is simple enough to create/minimal on data demands. I’m guessing security regulations do not permit?

I’ll keep an eye on this thread. Looking to pull out my winnings, so I can slowly redeposit it overtime and lose it again :).

US based developers?

@shortjustin880 honestly, I’d like to give you information regarding manually verifying SMS, but that’s something our Payment and Financial team controls and we have limited access to the information. I’m positive if there was an alternative way to resolve this, it would have been done.

If the third-party is having server/process issues it most likely wouldn’t matter what the verification method was.

I’m receiving messages now (actually got hit with like 40 of them this morning where a team-member tried to assist me last night). But the delay time for the SMS is >5 minutes and it appears the token has an expiration timeout on it (codes are not working, codes are probably expiring).

Bovada Chat noted that my account was blocked (even though it was letting me attempt to verify my account and sending me a code (5+minutes).) Was told to wait for my account to not be flagged anymore (I’m guessing they don’t have the ability to remove the flag?).

I wish they would push a disable to attempts until it’s fixed. Bovada Chat isn’t up to speed on the current status of the issue (talked to 3 different people over the past 7-9 hours and each person notes a different thing (1 saying it was my service provider blocking international text :D).

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That makes sense. Easy to say “why not, when you don’t know the full structure/security regulations”. If it’s via third-party, nothing you can really do until they get up and running.

Get the shield out and hold the line against the disgruntle users who don’t understand it’s out of your hands :).

I noted in a reply. Chat Services might need to be updated on the situation. I spoke with 3 different people (initially went to withdraw about 7 hours ago) and I’ve gotten all sorts of different answers:

  1. It’s your cell phone provider blocking our text (this was probably before the issue was known (2am EST)
  2. We are having SMS issues and working it.
  3. (Just now), Your account has been blocked and you need to wait 1+ hours then retry (even though I’m getting the SMS it’s just they are 5+ minutes delayed and I think the token is expiring before I can use it).

This is exactly what happened to me this morning. Last night around midnight I tried multiple times to get an SMS, never did. 7 hours later on my way to work they all came in at the same time. I assumed the issue was resolved and went to try again, this time the sms came but it was delayed by almost five minutes. I then entered it correctly and I was flagged and locked out of withdrawing for 24 hours the notification said. I went to the chat to explain this couldn’t possibly be my fault and questioned why I was being penalized lol and Was told once the system locks me out I just have to wait the 24 hour time period. Mind you I wasn’t even trying to withdraw I was trying to send a buddy a player transfer. Frustrating to say the least.

Yeah. Just note it’s not Bovada directly that has a process failing. It’s like a construction contractor not getting a material delivery, nothing they can really do except let you know the delay/timeline.

They should disable the verification process until the third party confirms that it’s caught up and running as intended. They only thing they are contributing to is loading the third party up who are obviously in lag atm.

I’m just going to wait until tomorrow to try again. They told me wait one hour, but with the amount of attempts I’m sure my lockout period is longer than that.

It is frustrating. Issues like this should be presented in a pop-up notification on log in (Instead of welcome, “welcome! please note we are experiencing SMS verification issues at the moment that may affect your ability to withdraw funds. Follow up on this issue at SMS validation issue - #18 by MikeyMac2020”.

I don’t work for a gambling site. Pushing up something simple like this may still require having to jump through 1,000 hoops for legal/security reasons. But if it is something they can quickly push up, it would at least alert the user of the issue without having to dig. At the least a message pushed out, like they have done about the DDos attacks.

Update: Problem solved. Back to normal. Was able to player transfer. Bovada always handles things appropriately. Good luck everyone

Same. Just tried and everything works as intended.

Seems like the it was caused by a US carrier that was having network issues. It’s resolved now. Apologies once again for the inconvenience.

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