Suggestion for deposits made and funds available

Hello mods,

I remember making this suggestion last year but was wondering if we can touch base on it again. There is a confusion at times when users deposit money and want to withdraw funds.

When a player deposits money, that money shows up next to “Available to Withdraw”. This is technically true but we all know there is a rollover requirement due to AML Policy. The money isn’t actually available to withdraw unless the rollover is met.

Suggestion: When money has been deposited, place the money into “Locked funds” until the rollover requirement is met. This will show that there is a rollover that has to be met and it’s not yet money that can be withdrawn. Sometimes, people will forget how much they’ve wagered/rolled over and attempt a withdraw, only to be facing a delay because the rollover hasn’t been met.


Sounds good to me

YES! I wholeheartedly agree to this. I don’t like trying to remember if I’m good or if I have another 25 to spend.

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+1 from me as well.

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Moving this to under review, as it was escalated.

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