Super 6 and baccarrat

all of sudden the dragon bet will not accept bets

WHY is not at the end of the deck

the wager is avaiable but when you click on it nothing gets wagered

addd to the number of shady things on this no business name live casino

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I also play this and noticed they turned them off at 30 hands now. I hope they go back to the way it was. Live dealer says it’s Bovada that changed it. So please change it back.

why would the dragon bet be lit up but nit able to bet

this place is a joke
no reason to take off the dragon after 30 hands

That happens in no casino ever.


Yea I thought it was messed up. Then Support said our casino made the decision to turn them off at half of shoe :woman_facepalming:t3::pensive:. Like what?!?!. That’s a money maker for the casino. Why would they turn them off that soon. I hope the mods will look into this for us.

Ultimately if the live dealer makes a decision on a game we probably won’t be able to change it as it is their decision. We can of course provide feedback to them and will. Hopefully they reconsider changing this.

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Ryan, live dealer said it is Bovada that changed it. Not them. Idk who did. But can we please request it be fixed back to how it was?

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Copy that, I’ll send out word if it was indeed something we asked them to do. Though I can’t guarantee it will be changed back of course.

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