Supervisor told me live betting is random

Soooo once again, I have had the issue of placing a live bet at -3 for Broncos 1H and as it’s processing it moves to -4 and locks in the -4. I of course raise this issue to customer service and 2 large problems I faced there:

  1. the customer service rep the entire time was explaining to me how 10-4 = 6 and 7>6 so I lost and it took 20-30 mins just to explain that this isn’t my issue. My issue is that the system is locking in another bet completely which is not my number/line.

  2. Then when I finally connected to a supervisor after close to an hour, the supervisor proceeds to tell me that any time you live bet you do have the possibility at getting a random number…… what??? How does that make any sense whatsoever? So live bets could just be a random line any time.

Another issue I have as well is when I asked for any type of compensation. The supervisor said that I have raised this issue before and gotten compensation last time (months ago). So explain to me how bovada is able to get by with these problems re-occurring and only provides compensation the first time?

Wow that’s a bunch of bs man. Ridiculous … such a big difference in getting -3 instead of -4… imagine customer service understanding the concept of key numbers … I’m not sure why they work in a sportsbook and don’t know this most simple gambling situation-lol… you should try to explain horse racing bets to them- the most ridiculous task ever trust me and no way when you place a live bet you can get a random line they staying. I have accounts with 8 different books and bet at all ofghem regularly ? This is the only and I mean only book that has problems with live bets. All the other books either accept the bet or reject right away. None of this queing forever bs. f all the other books have live betting with zero issues I don’t get how bovada has these problems all the time . It’s not even worth playing live lines on here which is a big deal cuz the are great ga!bling / hedging opportunities. And yes they should compensate you for giving you a shit number like -4 wow. They really need to stop with all this bs cuz good experienced gamblers won’t play here with this huge live betting disadvantage. Good luck man

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This is wrong obviously and the interaction will be reviewed. We will also escalate this to our Live Team and get back to you. At first glance, I thought it was odd to change off of a key number considering what was happening in the game at that time, and did confirm with traders that the line did change right around when your wager was placed but off of 3.5 not 3, but still it will be looked into further.

This same thing happened to me a couple nights ago. He basically told me that if it changes will its precessing its somehow my fault lol

This constantly happens when you are live betting as the event progresses

There have been several instances when I am live betting a ML and the odds move from +110 to +200 and my +110 bets get accepted

It is completely acceptable as the opponent can hit a three pointer within that 6-7 seconds that might make your ML go from +110 to +200
So it’s always tricky to bet live

The odds might go against you sometimes but they can always go in your favor

There have been times as soon as my bet is accepted lines moves in my favor

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Live betting spreads literally change after every play. If I’m trying to get a bet in, it’ll cancel and show me the new odds and allow me to cancel it or place the bet. I’ve never had it change my original bet without at least giving me an opportunity to cancel. If it did that to you though that’s pretty screwy. Side note: don’t bet on the broncos either way

Trust me…as a guy who places close to 50 bets a night when im betting on the nba it happens a lot. It will most DEFINITELY change your original bet and accept it.

Sometimes like the above guy stated it works in your favor and sometimes you will lose by .5.

If its processing and the line changes in your favor it will cancel your bet and make you submit your bet at the new (worst) line.

If your submitting your bet and its processing and the line changes in bovadas favor it will 100% of the time accept that bet.

There is no other way around it that bovada has a system in place that highly favors them. No moderator or customer service agent can tell me any different because i witness it every day.


Yeah I mean not much I can do other than not bet live anymore on anything other than maybe baseball or at halftime haha because the fact that live bets can lock in a random line for you defeats the whole purpose

The lack of help customer service chat is is crazy as well. Wish I took a screenshot of when I presented this issue I had and after 15 minutes of “reviewing” the only thing they said was I lost because 10 minus 4 = 6. Really frustrating that there’s no help at all and just wasting time

it’s not that hard benbray

I have only been live betting for the past 36 months and honestly bovada is the best place to live bet no cap

Bro u obviously haven’t used other books or are new to this game if you think this is the best live betting platform. I use 9 books and every one is way better then Bovadas. You have to be joking about claiming Bovdas is the best - I hope .


And yet here you are arguing on their platform!
If you are so bummed move on to new sportsbook lol