Survival Pool Week 5 Picks

I think you tagged the wrong person @Ryan_Bovada

Ya ahh bout to be eliminated along w/ ya bf @Israel88 sooner rather later. :clown_face: just watch.

I guarantee I’ll make it further than you fool you’re gonna disappear like krain :rofl:

Nah couldn’t be me.@krain989 where you been at we miss you​:joy::joy:

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What’s your pick for this week. I will take the opposite…you’re Clown #3 :clown_face:

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Clown #1 Krain989 went down because he talked too much :shushing_face:

You need some grammar/spelling lessons you clown #3 :clown_face:

Scroll up & you’ll see corn on the rob​:clown_face::corn:. I’ll give u 2 more weeks max. @krain989 come get ya bf

Dang I wish I was still in this thing so I could argue with all of you about how I’m going to win Hahaa

You crazy man. That under isn’t a lock at all . Put your money on it and see what happens ! All the top software sims have it coming in close to 48 so I would need at least a 49.5 key to take an under and still wouldn’t like that much. In case u don’t know man-Lions have the highest scoring games in the league by a wide margin. Defense can’t stop a highschool team

Patriots ain’t finna be scoring like that w/ zappe at Qb. They finna run the ball & play clock management I’m telling u. Lions have been scoring on jv teams so far.Pats have a top 10 defense. Score finna be 21-17 Pats.

Good luck with your wager but your reasoning is a little skewed. Pats gave up 27 to a very average at best packer offense last week . They also scored 24 on a packer above average defense last week so they gave up more then your implying and and scored more then implied against a worst offense and a better defense then the lions had so no value at in the under … it could go under but no way that’s a good number to take the totall under at . much better totals to bet but good luck- I’m not touching that trash game .

The Patriots’ defense contributed 1/4 of their points and provided the offense with excellent field position. Patriots will play a very methodical game. Run, screen, short pass.there not scoring a whole lot with their 3rd string qb. It is likely that the lions will be without pivotal pieces on their offense.The patriots are going to be the toughest defense the lions will face that’s why I’m taking under 46 points.

It won’t let me post my pick

Why not just wait until the poll closes at kickoff tonight and then we can all see everyone’s picks?

You are so smart clown :clown_face: Smdh…as much as you talk you should win this thing. We all should just hand it to you.

Hey I’m a psychic what can i say.lemme guess you picking the 49ers this week aren’t u

Bro you’re a fool you trying to downplay that you weren’t choosing 49ers and that’s exactly who you chose

So far i have picked bucs, bills,eagles ,and the packers which packers gave me a scare last week. I’m hoping my pick this week doesn’t cut it as close of a game,but come out and dominate against the panthers this weekend. 49ers was my 5th week pick. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!. Looks like just 2 of us picked them this week. Watching Denver at mile high i got them winning by 3 this week but again 49ers was survivors pick week 5.

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Bye bye broncos backers deuces :v: