Survivor Picks Week 4

I know the Bills hurt some of y’all :sob::sob::joy::joy:


KC ruined me :rofl:… good luck to those still in it!


How many people are left, just curious???

This is in the update post but 98 players remain!


Listen up!! Free pick of the week. Cowboys over Washington!!! Lock it in!Thank me Later


Picking packers to beat Patriots this week is a trap.Lock in on the Cowboys!!

People giving away picks lol it’s easy tho

Too many noobs in this contest. Just make your pick and pray like everybody else.


I’m going with the patriots everyone tail trust me

I took the Packers this week (Username Denver2003) if this can be confirmed please.

“Confirm please” - :nerd_face:

ditTo. VEGA$ was telling me this allll last week too. d’Oh.

I got the real pick boys but looks like 20 people will be left after this week

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It’s easy when it’s a free contest… you can guaranteed and give free advices all day but at the end of the day you have nothing to lose. Enjoy this free contest while it last. 🫣

jimmy garap a-hole killed my entry…

I thought I had picked cincy in week 3. Can you tell me who it shows? Thanks

Trying my luck this week what do I have to lose then more to gain :man_facepalming::pray:t5::muscle:t5::goat:

I got the underdog this week they
Coming out on fire :fire:


Everyone sharing a pick should just not submit a pick this is a contest and no one listens to your picks

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Whatever you say buddy

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