Survivor Pool 2022 Week 2!

Just watch…City boys up!

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Bengals, raiders, colts, commanders, broncos, and steelers are a lockin

So its like 585 people left. Thats crazy.:cold_face:

@Marlinah22 Unfortunately it doesn’t appear you are eligible anymore, you took the Jets last week and are eliminated.

@BrokeForever and @Chicopico Your picks are in, you only need to see the radio button filled in for the pick to have registered.

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How do I submit my vote. I clicked the Browns but I don’t see a submit button

Please review the above post

There is no submit vote button.

Good week for me

How many “locks” fell in week 1?

couldnt lock in but thats who im chosing

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Colts were a loss even though they tied?

Yes ties are a loss I’m afraid.

This should be fine, just don’t double click or it will remove the pick. If the radio button is filled in you’re gtg.

Is my vote in?

Last year was the first year people

We let ties slide and even let the last few people end it early.

This year it’s different as the mods promised it’s winner take all and no more ties for slides

Read this years rules they ARE different than last years


Just 1 for me, the titans to the giants.

I’m picking the Vikings, just wanted know if my vote is going through

We see that your vote is in.

Hey Ryan
Did my pick go thru

Yes, your pick went through.

Los Angeles rams