Survivor Pool 2022 Week 2!

People it’s pretty simple. Press the circle of the team you want. When the circle is filled black it’s went through. No need to ask every single time if your pick went through. My god first graders could do this.


Bills for week 2 i have to remember who i picked each week because about 7 weeks in i accidentally picked a team i already had chosen last year so 1week bucs
2week bills

Can I not play?

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You can play if you successfully got through week 1

The Jets was not the best pick, lol :laughing:

If the Rams lose, everyone will be out!

I’m ready!

What if staffords arm is still bad and throws ints, not like the rams can run the ball? Just curious what your reason is based the falcons can run, semi throw, and semi defense.

For week one, five teams were estimated by oddsmakers to be at least 70% likely to win: Colts (-7, moneyline: -330), Ravens (-7, moneyline: -320), Bengals (-6.5, moneyline: -280) , Broncos (-7, moneyline: -280), and 49ers (-7, moneyline: -300).

Only one (Ravens) of the five won. Last year 3/4 of the 70% club won their openers. This season was full of big upsets, as evidenced by 61% of the field being eliminated the first week. Many more, I’m sure, will eliminate themselves as they show up a day or two from now wondering why the web page won’t let them make their selection! (suggestion: read the rules)

Last year 455 made correct picks in week one, yet more than 1/4 of the field (116) failed to make their picks in time for week 2, eliminating themselves, proving that Woody Allen was right:

“80% percent of success in life is just showing up.” - Woody Allen

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I don’t see an option to submit.attachment

Wow only 373 left!

Lol 373 that was easy

How do you know if your pick went through?

Welcome to the Community, nice of you to join the family.

Upon review, it shows that you were able to get your pick selected.

I tried to get my pick in by phone this morning, I guess it did not go through. I picked the Bengals. The contest is hard to find.

@moderators I’m not seeing my pick. I picked several days ago.

My pick for LA Rams didnt register

Why did my pick not go? I’m on the bengals - please adjust

Here come all the people that forgot about the timeline, Rules are rules.


Hello! It’s saying my pick didn’t go through. I picked the colts! Can you help me with this please.