Tennis Betting Changes

Hello. I’m not sure if this has been addressed yet, but can you please tell me why they got rid of the individual game bets to 0,15,30 and 40? I can’t seem to find them for any league or match going right now? @moderators Thanks

Hi @Mfnuuu,

We do know that line availability varies from game to game, we can verify with the Sports Team if these lines will be available on another game.

Appreciate that. Just is strange cause they are not offered on anything today. Just started happening today

Can you please ask the sports team to put those bets back on please. They were like my favorite thing to bet on. It’s the individual bets of game won to 0-40. @moderators

According to the Sports Team, the lines change from match to match and are determined at the discretion of the Book Managers. We may make a request the line for a game you desire and let you know how it turns out. Thank you for your time and consideration.