Tennis Retirements in the final set

I want to make a few things clear bovada has set their rules and has been fair and followed those rules. Sometimes it went in my favor and sometimes it didn’t as all things in life. I also didn’t place any wager on the Djokovic vs. Musetti match. This isn’t an ask on any one wager or a one time thing. I’m here to suggest that any retirement not in the first set be graded as a win or loss. Too many players are just retiring before losing. For example if you bet on the Lakers and AD gets hurt they don’t void the wager and I get the difference between individual and team sports just saying. I’m not angry or calling BS I just think with the new generation of “I’m losing I quit tennis players” maybe the site could revist the rule. Thoughts???

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Tennis rules vary quite a lot between different sportsbooks, and I know this from experience.
It’s always a good idea to check out the rules carefully before making any wagers or assumptions.
Our Tennis rules can be seen here.
In addition, the rules for live wagering can be found here.

Thank you Paul… As I said in my post Bovada made their rules and followed them …my feedback was to change the rule… Was I incorrect about the retirement on this site voiding a moneyline wager live or prematch

This would of course depend on the wager, if for example it was a sets wager and the outcome was already determined then the wager would stand.
As I said, Tennis rules do vary, I’ll be happy to pass on your feedback, but i obviously couldn’t guarantee the rules will be changed.

If you have a question regarding a specific wager if you give me the ref number I’ll take a look at it for you.

Again thank you Paul and I don’t have anything about any wager I made this wasn’t about anything I bet or anything I was upset about…I should have been more clear when I said win or lose I was specifically talking about money line wagers… as the guy admitted to quitting when he wasn’t hurt… again of course I don’t expect anything I was just here to Suggest that “Any Retirement not in the 1st Set be graded as a moneyline win for both pre and live bets for the player non retiring and a lose moneyline wise for the player retiring”

I will pass on your feedback.

I concur @4eyArn01d. This was my post just a few days ago about the same topic.

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@lensmachamp Shoot I missed that sorry… I would have give a supporting comment…

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I am going to agree with this post. I know the Bovada rules and respect that they go according to what they have written.
It would be nice however to make adjustments to the rule. Maybe if the player is deemed injured or is medically unclear to continue a match after the 1st set, the match should be voided. But if they retire because they want to avoid the loss, it sounds fair that the match should be graded as a loss for the loser.

Too many crybabies out there in the tennis world who give up, especially if they are down in the 3rd set, and just decide to retire. Also, so many times, it feels like they just give up and start playing like trash just to get through the match as well.


@Kman0207 Correct…Bovada has set their rules and been true to them… and to be honest the rule isn’t any bogus unfair rule either…but I’ll speak for myself here when I say I bet to gamble alittle I rather it be a win or lost scenario than a push…I’m just the kind of bettor who’s gonna buy the 1/2 point in football for a -2 1/2 rather then a -3 spread gonna love the hook

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I hear ya man and I’m with you on that. I think it’s tricky in tennis because we don’t know what the true intent of a player is. There seems to be more fixed matches in the sport than any other.

I’m definitely not saying Bovada tennis rules are wrong or inaccurate. A little modification would be nice to have in the tennis section is all.
Speaking of which, what happened to Djoko’s match? Looked like Berrettini had some momentum but the match has been suspended? I also had Riske winning her match in Nottingham but that’s also suspended…grr…

@Kman0207 French is still playing some of the European countries have curfews so they been kicking the fans out than resuming not sure here but could have been something like that

Hmm you’re right. I think the Nottingham match is postponed til tomorrow now that I see what the local time is over there lol. I see the French just resumed. Must’ve been a medical reason. Can Berrettini pull off the upset?

Idk but the Greeks are gonna win both the Men’s and Women’s this year

I’m starting to think the same. Now that Swiatek is out, Sakkari has a very legitimate chance of winning. Krejcikova will be a tough out. I’m very surprised at Zidansek making it this far. She has always been disappointing despite looking like she has a bright future.
Tsitsipas is the man to do it if anyone to upset Nadal. Should be a fun semis and finals coming up.