Terrible Customer service

I don’t mind wating an hour or two for having a bet graded, this morning however, It took over 12+ hours to have one simple wager graded all because the people that work here don’t know their own rules.

I bet on over 2.5 sets for tennis match that was suspended, but the match had already reached the third set.

I’ve tried the Wager Settlements thread and the mods. Was told it was escalated(waited 4h) and then nothing, then I was ghosted for hours when I asked for updates. Tried the live chat help, and was told it would be escalated(again?) and then nothing for hours. Tried live chat AGAIN, and the rep was very adamant that since the match was suspended, It will not be graded yet. When I cited the rules that state otherwise, he STILL thought he was right and I was wrong. Back in the forums, a mod finally responds but with same explanation(wrong explanation) as the rep.

Funny thing is this exact situation is used as an example in their rules. Rules that they cited to me, thinking they were in the right. If only they would’ve scrollled down a bit further they would see that I was in the right.

It’s pretty ridiculous when bovada relies on you, the user, to correct the workers on their own rules. Match suspensions are common in tennis, who knows how many people have waited 24+ hours to have their wagers graded because the bovada staff don’t know their own rules. Such an annoying experience. When it was finally graded, there was no apology, no compensation, no stupid free spins from anybody for wasting 12+ hours of my time inquiring about my wager. It’s like girls when they hit the curb while driving “lol Oops”

You should see customer service trying to understand a horse wager hahaha. They don’t know difference between straitnwin place show bets and picks threes and even got horse post position number mixed up with bet amount. Ridiculous this place is such a joke


I can’t even imagine, if they can’t properly grade a tennis set wager. Like, it’s not rocket science. If a match is in the 3rd set then obviously it went over 2.5 sets.

Yep the even messed up on NBA playoff wagers. And if you don’t say anything they won’t fix. They graded a total I hit on Nevada in College football wrong last year and never fixed it as the just gave me constant run around . Always a bs excuse .super ignorant

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They’re probably just hoping someone retires so they can grade it a no bet

Wouldn’t put it past them at this point

:joy: What does it for me is that they go on their merry way thinking it’s no big deal they messed up.

What match was suspended? The match was over completely or pushed back until tomorrow?

Not sure. It’s going to rain all day tomorrow so probably not tomorrow. The Hanfmann v. Misolic match

absolutely the worse live chat service here bro. absolutely gargage. been with them over 13 years…but i have to say this is the worst ever customer service with live chat.

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I definitely have this issue from time to time. Its like each individual agent has their own set of rules

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