Terrible luck .. with casino

No luck with nothing in casino … casino has barely paid in the bonus round ! Sucks


same here
a Bovada mod told me once “someone has to lose so someone else can win”

Amazingly reassuring. really.


Exactly no help at all … casino may get disabled on my end lol I cannot take it


I feel like this past week its been crucial. Getting crushed.


The bonus is no help at all !! Getting a lot of them and still not paying good. Waste of a bonus


The casino has hit for me a few times this month, but its been EXTREMELY volatile.

I’m not sure if it’s actually different than it’s ever been but kinda feels that way. it’s just absolutely brutal like 95% of the time then opens up a hot streak for one session.

I haven’t gotten killed quite as bad as it feels over the past few weeks, but the drawdowns sure feel awful.

I mean we all know the house has to win and the money for the massive progressives that 99.9% of us won’t ever hit have to come from somewhere, but I’d enjoy it alot more if it wasn’t quite as feast/famine as it is right now


The casino is god awful right now. 4 straight days 4-5 deposits each day not one 100x slot win. Only one winning session on Fury of Zeus for $40 doing $2 spins. I honestly believe when Bitcoin goes down so do their slots. I feel completely scammed at the moment. They say they have a random number generator…so it hasn’t picked me in 40+ straight games. Get outta here Bovada. I’m about to delete my account like I did with Ignition

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I agree. It’s terrible right now. Every game is playing the same. Hit one bonus early then can’t get another. I play a lot of Dragon Siege, Fairy Wins and Caesar related games and they are awful at the moment.

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No one is winning right now except Bovada

they are making up for the outage

its all bs

so fixed and never payout as much as they say u do
the slots are rigged just like the live casino bs they have which they claim as legit


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First time perusing the Community, and I’ve already bonded with you all. Last year Bovada was the highest payout for me (comparatively), and the past 4 or 5 months…nada.


Todays action (24HR RTP):

783 money in
2075 money out
Under 40% RTP


Same here no luck plenty deposits no bonus no wins absolutely horrible. Thinking about closing account. For sure rigged. Feel
Completely took advantage of.

I just had a 4 mystery $10 wager on mystic elements hit for 15 free spins.

It spun out with 1 minimum hit

$30 win on 15x $30 spins

This is getting absolutely ridiculous


How do u even get those :face_with_monocle:

I agree. I just got my $207 take back. Played $2 spins on Fairy Wins and Dragon Siege. Got one bonus paid $5.20. What is that?

It’s gross. Just played $207 on Fairy Wins and Dragon Siege. Played $2 spins hit one bonus that paid $5.20. Seriously? This is truly a scam

It’s gross dude. Played $207 doing $2 spins and hit one bonus paying a whopping $5.20. I’m done

As much as i make fun of Bovada saying they use a true RNG on their casino games, which must be broke, I have to admit I was on a site earlier that made me think "Wow, this BS is way more rigged then Bovada’s casino ever has been. Then i realized I was playing poker on the Bovada’s Poker site!! WOW!! and I thought the Blackjack was rigged, the poker is way worse!