The Suggestion Box is Broken

As of this posting, there are Suggestions in the “Under Review” section that were posted a year ago. I personally have several suggestions I made in good faith that would help improve the site that have been lounging in there for some time with no update. This should be a great way to make community members feel more valued; however, it is having the opposite effect when all we get is lip-service.

A couple of suggestions for improvement:

a) Honesty up front if something won’t get implemented. Explain why, and send it to the “dismissed category”.

b) Mandatory updates on each thread that is currently “under review”. Maybe at 1 month intervals. Even if there is no material update, just something indicating that it is still actively being reviewed. And if it is not, go back to step (a).

Just these two simple things would go a long way toward making this a better community tool. The way it is now, it’s an abyss, and there’s almost no point in making suggestions (I do see the irony of this post, but let a man dream).


Yeah it’s just like talking to a parent as a child when they say “maybe later” knowing full well they’re not going to do anything about it :joy::joy:

The “accept all odds changes” button recommended again the other day should’ve been added yesterday. I got screwed tonight -240 I wagered on a live bet and while it was sending in the line went to +125. But if it was the other way the bet would’ve rejected….

Other sites have it, Bovada needs to up their game.

Really feels like I’m just speaking into the void here…

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A lot of suggestions we get will be forwarded to the relevant department to look at.
Most of the time they don’t respond to us, so we have no “updates” as such, but they do get looked at, and if the suggestion is possible then they will look to implement it, as many have been done in the past.
If something isn’t possible then it will get dismissed, this is either due to it already been suggested, or it’s something that we will not be doing/providing/changing in the near future.

Appreciate a response but this is still woefully inadequate and reinforces my point made above.

I’m afraid I disagree
With regard to point a) as i said we often do not get an answer as to why something cannot be done, if it is something that we can answer then we will provide a reason. But a lot of the times suggestions are simply that they would feel are impractical or for technical reasons not possible etc.
with regard to point b) as i said we wouldn’t generally be able to give you a monthly update other than, it is still under review, as per what I said in response to point a)
We can only provide updates and/or information if it is received in the first place, and we do try to update players as best we can regarding any issues that may arise, or any changes we hear of.
If we have no additional information given to us then I’m afraid we have nothing we can share with you.

That’s kind of the point though - it’s just a black hole most times when something is suggested. I understand that the mods here aren’t at fault, and I’m not saying it’s on you guys solely but somebody higher up could decide to make this a more useful tool if they wanted to.

And in terms of reasons why something won’t get implemented, being technically challenging or impractical is a totally fine reason to give. I’m just saying I’d prefer that over radio silence while the suggestion is still supposedly “under review”.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve made my point here. No reason to put any more effort into this than you guys are. Ignoring this will only hurt Bovada in the long run :man_shrugging:t2: