This Site is throwing in the towel

Interaction with agent who straight up lied about a points drop then continued to say he could do something for me but ultimately said he has no contoll to do anything only the marketing team can. So rediculous Im finally going to be leaving this now fraudulant site for good.

  • 07:08:25AndrewYou’ve joined the chat.

  • 07:08:25Bojan K.joined the chat.

  • 07:08:25Andrew

  • 07:08:25RepresentativeHey there! I’m Shawn, your Automated Coach. For topics I can best answer, type ‘menu’, or type your question with several keywords and I’ll do my best to help you.

  • 07:08:25Andrewclose my account

  • 07:08:25RepresentativeWhile I hate to see players close their accounts, I’m sure you have a good reason. Bovada would like to hear your feedback. To close your account, you’ll need to chat with Customer Service. While I’m happy to pass you over to a live agent, you may be queued to wait. Would you like to proceed? Yes No

  • 07:08:25AndrewYes

  • 07:08:25RepresentativeLet’s first collect some profile information that can help expedite the process. What is the email address associated with your account?

  • 07:08:25Andrewavhendu

  • 07:08:25RepresentativeThank you for providing your email. Please click here and I will forward you to one of our customer service agents.

  • 07:08:25Andrew

  • 07:08:25RepresentativeThank you for providing your email. Please [click here](javascript:NM.openChat(“BVLV_UFM_Chatbot”):wink: and I will forward you to one of our customer service agents.

  • 07:08:25Bojan K.Thanks for waiting. My Name’s Bojan K… I’ll need just a few moments to review your previous chat so I can understand exactly how to help. I appreciate your patience.

  • 07:09:24Bojan K.I haven’t received a reply from you recently; do you still need my help? If so, please let me know and I’ll be happy to continue. Otherwise, this chat will close shortly.

  • 07:09:44AndrewI just need you to close my accoumt, ive been extremly loyal for years but now I no longer get cash back or point drops its pointless

  • 07:10:36Bojan K.Andrew I am sorry to hear that, please can you provide your date of birth and 4-Digit pin please?

  • 07:10:

  • 07:12:01Bojan K.Thank you for verifying your account Andrew.

  • 07:12:31Bojan K.May I ask did you talk with our agents about your issues?

  • 07:13:32AndrewI sent an email and got no respomse and tried to chat several times but this is the 1at time ive actually got through to an agent

  • 07:13:37Bojan K.I completely understand how frustrating this might be, let me see how I can help you.

  • 07:14:24Bojan K.If you sent email or agents will respond to you as soon as posibble Andrew.

  • 07:14:54Bojan K.But let me see that I can do for you today Andrew

  • 07:15:21Bojan K.When was the last time you recieved cash back and poits drop?

  • 07:15:40Andrewover 2 months ago I believe

  • 07:16:07Andrewmaybe longer

  • 07:16:34Bojan K.Another think if you want to close your account please tell me, and I will stop with questions, I am just trying to understand your situation Andrew.

  • 07:17:24AndrewIt really dependscon if you can do anything for me

  • 07:17:54Bojan K.Thank you for clarifying that Andrew, I just wanted to make sure we are on the same page so I can assist you better.

  • 07:19:56Bojan K.Anrew are you still with me?

  • 07:20:13Andrewyeah I

  • 07:20:59Andrewim here

  • 07:21:31Bojan K.Whan you say points drop are you referring to Another little gift promotion?

  • 07:21:50Andrewyeah

  • 07:22:31Andreweven though it was usually pretty small at leadt it was something

  • 07:22:34Bojan K.What I see is that you did receive Another little gift 09/01/2022 07:31 AM.

  • 07:23:29Bojan K.I understand Andrew. Let’s see if we can do something.

  • 07:24:31Andrewthats today that doesnt make sense

  • 07:24:47Bojan K.Also on 07/04/2022 06:19 PM EDT you did.

  • 07:25:31Andrewi havent seen it, so yeajh 2 months ago with nearly daily deposits oveten more than 1 even

  • 07:27:00Bojan K.Also on 06/28/2022 02:27 PM.

  • 07:27:17Bojan K.DO you want me to check about cash back for you?

  • 07:27:51Andrewi didnt rrcieve one today so not sure why your saying i did

  • 07:29:03Bojan K.Did you receive message from form us?

  • 07:29:51Andrewno

  • 07:31:19Bojan K.Andrew I see that you received message and deleted messages, maybe you didn’t see it.

  • 07:31:20Andrewits not 7:31 yet though

  • 07:31:56Andrewwell now it is i guess

  • 07:32:03Bojan K.EDT time Our system is working on that time zone.

  • 07:33:41Andrewi looked at my mesdages and they were all relatimg to deposits or withdrawls no points drop and furthermore I didnt get any points added

  • 07:34:49Andrewhow many points did it say was added

  • 07:35:41Bojan K.You received many in those couple of drops.

  • 07:36:43Andrewwhat are you talking about I had like 24 cents worth of points due to gameplay i thought

  • 07:37:04Andrewif that was a point drop for 15 cents thats rediculous

  • 07:38:43Bojan K.Please allow me 2-3 minutes.

  • 07:39:04Andrewok

  • 07:40:21Bojan K.Regarding “Another little gift” promotion, kindly note that this is only issued on our marketing team discretion, on random intervals and as such regretfully, we as agents are not able to manually issue them nor advise you of a correct timeframe when this will be redeemed moving forward.

  • 07:41:23Andrewi understand that and if you look at my transactions youll see I didnt recieve any points from you today

  • 07:44:48Andrewso are you saying you cant do anything for me?

  • 07:45:44Bojan K.Please I didn’t say that.

  • 07:48:25Bojan K.Do you wish to continue this chat session?

  • 07:48:57Andrewyes i want to know what if anything you can do?

  • 07:51:40Bojan K.Can you tell me you want me to disable your account permanently?

  • 07:53:44Andrewjf that supposed another lille gift you said appeared at 7:31 am doesnt actually show up in my accounr then yes I will take my money somewhere that appreciates there daily depositors/players

  • 07:54:38Bojan K.I am sorry you feel this way I tried to help you.

  • 07:55:23Andrewyou did nothing but tell me you could do something then say actually you cnt do anything its the marketing guys

  • 07:57:01Bojan K.Can we go back to your first request, please tell me if you want to close your account permanently?

  • 07:57:57Bojan K.I tried my best Andrew.

  • 07:58:03Andrewjust pass the buck for horrible concierge service, this site used to be a whole lot different thats for sure. im sure you understand your going down with the legal sports betting spreading across the states. No im gonna give it today to see if those points show up

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Someone will probably end up speaking with “Bojan”, because he definitely seems to be a little confused.

Unfortunately, this confusion ends up leading to more frustration or anger on the part of the customer who is already upset.

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So funny (not funny) because i was coming on here to do this same exact thing. I am done here as well. Cycled tons of money through casino, no more point gifts…the whole blaming the marketing guys. I don’t believe there is market guys and this site is about to shut down by Jan is my guess. Good luck if you continue to play but I would advise you not hold a large bankroll on this site…can you imagine trying to get your money from them if they go belly up?


Somehow all the representatives come off as “confused”, this is not a fluke


We will definitely follow up here with the agent. Though he is correct in stating that these drops are at the discretion of marketing and a random gift so we don’t have specific details on them and can’t add them at request. That being said I’m not sure what he was seeing that made him think you had received one today.

To clarify though while we don’t have specifics these generally seem to be issued more when players have losses on deposits in excess of withdrawals from the last issuance. In your case it isn’t so and is likely why you haven’t received it in a while.

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He’s not the only one who’s noticed a decline. I’ve made mention about this issue multiple times in chats and told its “marketing teams”. I don’t think I’ve received a special gift drop in probably over a year. Previously, I’d receive about $300 worth points a month. But of course, all of the customer service reps are confused and don’t have a clue.


The other thing they do that is so shady is tell you if you don’t get your every 5 day gift dropped wait until next day and we can add them manually. They can pull up expected points and still make u wait another day which essentially extends out the gift so it’s no longer every 5 days. I know if I dont get mine by 2 east coast time it’s not.k coming but they still make me wait till next day in case their system magically sends at night which it never ever has done. So it’s just an excuse. And they told me if ur balance is zero with no open bets you will get them by system. Well nope today nothing. Annoying

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It takes 48 hours for your rewards to
Add back up on your account also
They give rake back every Tuesday and as far as this gifts & bonuses that has nothing to do with the agents they don’t know when that’s going to hit on your accounts but I think the more you deposit & play plus your loyalty level matters the biggest bonuses you’ll receive randomly I get about $175-250 every week as a surprise bonus so I know they do drop them into your accounts frequently

I just don’t like how they make you deposit using al first a few times before you can ask for a bonus roll over so what they do is they hurry up and put promotions into your rewards and make you have to deposit and they use that as a way to say we cant give you anything into you use them up lol it’s funny